Technological Advances I’ll Probably Never Embrace

I’d say I’m pretty okay with technology.  In fact, I’d say I know more than the average person my age (which is to say, “I got nothin’ on the 15 year olds, but I can teach my parents a thing or two about hooking up their computer”).  But there are some parts of technology that I’m pretty “meh” about, and sorry, I’ll probably never use.  Here are a few:

Foursquare--Broadcast my location anytime, anywhere?  Nah, no thanks.  Sometimes I just don’t want people to know where I am.  Okay fine.  MOST OF THE TIME I don’t want people to know where I am.

A killer sound system--Um, does it play the music and the sound?  Can it make the music and the sound go louder or softer?  Cool.  Done.

A tiny movie screen that fits in the palm of my hand--I don’t want to watch movies on my phone.  I don’t want to watch TV on my phone.  I would like to text on my phone and ignore calls from my mother on my phone. That's it.  (I don’t really ignore calls from my mother, but if I did, that’s all I’d do on my phone.)

A self-cleaning catbox--While this advance would be nice, these kind of catboxes are still not safe (my brother’s cat got caught in one.  It was awful).  And lord knows, with MY cats they’d be all like, “OH GOD, IT’S MOVING” and then pee on my fresh basket of laundry instead.

A super nice wine fridge--Why store your wine when you can DRINK it?

What technological advances do you not embrace?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Stephanie said...

Hahahaha this is officially one of my favorite lists. (I've been skulking around this site for awhile now. I don't remember how I found it, but I can't resist lists.)

I'm with you on all of these, but especially Foursquare. Foursquare makes me shake my head at the stupidity of my own / the next generation. Why don't you just send an engraved invitation to any juvies in your area that says "Dear Potential Delinquent, (so and so) requests the honor of your criminal intent at my house between the hours of (insert time and time) while I am at (insert Foursquare location)." Because really, broadcasting your location to the internet is pretty much doing that.

My addition to this list would have to be the latest and greatest in TV innovation, especially huge screens and "high-def". I'm just going to say it... I don't notice the difference in Blu-Ray. I just notice that it's more expensive. I'm kinda like you and sound systems (and I agree with that one too) -- if it has a screen that I can see from my couch and a remote for volume control, I'm good.

And while I'm here -- 3d movies. Omg. I hate them. I don't want anything lunging off a screen at me. The tickets are more expensive. They give me headaches. And they cause problems between 2d me and my friends who want to see 3d.

and EBOOKS! ack! For reals, when I want to read a book I do NOT want to be looking at a screen.

I have the technological grouchiness of a 70 year old lady.

Lou said...

I don't know if it is "technical", per se, but I will NEVER embrace social networking games like Farmville or GangWars.

What the hell? I like to play games but not games where I am constantly begging my friends to give me nails so I can build an outhouse on my lovely farm or whatever.

I mean, you talk about lame!

Fran said...

Ha Ha Stephanie, I feel you with the Ebooks. While I totally understand how it's much more convenient for those that travel and cheaper overall, but there is just nothing like holding a book in your hands. Not to mention how nice all my books look on my 4 bookshelves.

I can't ever seem to get on board with the technology of phones either. I talk on the phone and text here or there but I don't need all that other crap.

nikki said...

I actually just heard of Foursquare for the first time ever yesterday. I was like 'what the hell?'

I rarely text. And I would never text if people I know didn't text so freaking much.

magnolia said...

TOTALLY with you about foursquare. i am FAR too paranoid for anything like that. i abhor geolocation in every shape and form.

but the wine fridge? the man's roommate has one. it is LOVELY. i adore that damn thing. not sure i'd ever pay for one on my own, but i will use the hell out of his.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to not needing a wine fridge! *clink*

BFree said...

This is great! Foursquare, are people for real. This is a priceless list!

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