Reasons My Dentist Makes Me Feel Stabby

Who here LIKES going to the dentist?  Hm, hm?  Anyone?  I used to like it, until I had to manage a dental office, and now the places just skeeve me out and mostly remind me of a few of the worst years of my life.  So imagine how I felt when I had to go to the dentist recently and:

1. I had to call the office THREE TIMES before I reached someone, because apparently no one answers the phone at "lunch time"...which appears to fall between the hours of 11:30 and 2.

2.  I made sure to specifically ask the office to schedule a longer appointment for me and...

3.  I arrive at my appointment only to find they've not only NOT scheduled me for the allotted time, but the dentist also cannot complete all the work in one day.

4.  The work I was having done is cosmetic and doesn't really work so well with the "let's do it in two stages thing," since, you know, "cosmetic" generally means we're taking the teeth from looking one way to looking another.  So if you do it in "stages" that means some teeth look shitty and other teeth look BLINDINGLY WHITE OH MY GOD THE JESUS AND THE RAPTURE.

5.  The office manager got snippy when I asked if there were any cancellations and if I could please, PLEASE come in for the doctor to finish the rest of the work since, oh, you know, I work with people all day and my teeth currently look like a row of summer corn.  It's my FACE, not a CAR.  You can't just wait for the "right parts" to come in.

Ahem.  Anyway. 

What do you/don't you like about the dentist?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


nikki said...

1- Won't fill fillings on two sides of the mouth in one day. WTH? Supposedly he didn't want to have to numb my entire mouth but I'm pretty sure he just wanted to bill for two separate visits.
2-Then when I INSISTED on having both filled in one visit, he would only numb one side of my mouth, then did a more localized numbing on just the tooth on the other side. Which barely worked.

On the plus side, he's also the dentist I took my son to, and he was fantastic with a three year old who is skeptical of new experiences.

Suniverse said...

I just got back from the dentist and was composing a blog post of love. LOVE!!

I love the dentist. I even love the sharp pointy things they use to scrape plaque and tartar from between my teeth.

I don't love fillings, though. I'm going to get one and am thinking I may cancel. After all, it's not fallen out yet. Right?

Melanie's Randomness said...

I hate that I don't have dental insurance & that when they do stuff my gums will bleed so I have to spit out blood. I hate the dentist with a passion. I hate when they scrape my teeth too because I'm so afraid they are going to scrap out my tooth!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That sounds terrible. I am pretty sure you should find a new dentist.
I adore my dentist. In fact, I blogged about him before. VERY HANDSOME and super nice!!!!

magnolia said...

gaah. that sounds awful.

i am in desperate need of dental work, but i am also currently without dental insurance. i am 29 years old and still have all 4 wisdom teeth. this is going to be a problem.

that being said, i've always had decent dentists. even the guy who did my root canal a few years back made it hurt as little as possible (and had just the most soothing southern accent in the history of time - reminded this little alabama girl of my childhood presbyterian minister).

Brandi said...

I just got back from the dentist...I hate that they're always so trigger happy and eager to pull teeth. And smelly breath, not cool. Christtttt!!

The Naked Redhead said...

Ewww...smelly dentist breath.

I'm brewing an update to this saga for next week on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled. It turned out...okay. :)

Jen said...

My dentist is alright, but the last time I went the hygienist only "had time" to clean half my teeth. What?! I seriously had my top teeth clean and had to go back for my bottom ones. Shouldn't you schedule appointments long enough to do a damn cleaning?

Kathy Frederickson said...

Going to the dentist twice for one procedure can be an inconvenience. Next time, it will be a good idea if you double-check first your allotted appointment and then ascertain if there will be enough time to complete the entire procedure in one visit.

Jane Tinkle said...

The thing I like in going to the dentist is the part where I gargle the water to rinse off the fluoride. Meanwhile, the thing that has always been my quirk is the overhead light while you're sitting on the dentist chair. It looks like I'm always being interrogated.

Janelle Forman said...

Well, I do! I love visiting my dentist quarterly. It’s because I’m so cautious when it comes to my oral health. It’s very crucial to have a good dentist for a tooth operation is a delicate procedure. Their hands must be gentle, steady, and light. Also, their years in their profession and experience is a must!

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