Whatchyou Talkin' Bout?

I come from an immigrant family and am used to listening to people with sometimes unintelligibly heavy accents.  I also grew up in a city with a very diverse population and have lived in different parts of this country and have traveled abroad, so I am absolutely the person who gets to decide which accent is the best and which is the most annoying.

Scottish brogue.  Good lord, my knees are weak and my panties are already around my ankles.  There is little someone with a Scottish brogue can't get from me.  The timbre, the lilt . . . yum.

British educated Indian.  I LOVE this accent because it sounds very snooty but also has a great slant to it that keeps it from being so very, very white.  And colonial.

New Jersey.  Yeesh.  My ears. Just write it down or text me, o.k.?

Teenagers.  Yes, they have an accent.  It's the same no matter where they are from - annoying.

What accent makes your knees weak?  Which one has you stuffing your ears with cotton?

by Suniverse


V. Furnas said...

South African, has the draw of an Australian accent with a mixed in frontier draw that feels like strong fingers lightly running down your back makes you feel warm from the inside out.

Laura said...

Irish. Specifically, Irish Denny from P.S. I Love You, (if you don't know what I'm talking about then we can't be friends) but I guess it doesn't *have* to be that specific.

magnolia said...

a gentle southern accent undoes me every single time. same goes for a gentle louisiana-southern accent, which is different from regular southern. the best is someone who doesn't even really have the accent, but the southern cadence. mmm.

interestingly enough, a super-strong, extra-nasal southern accent makes me want to stab people. think gomer pyle and you'll know what i mean. gaaah.

Anonymous said...

The ocker (http://ozzyfrank.150m.com/pages/ocker.htm) Australian accent just makes me want to rip the offending speaker's vocal cords out.

RMb said...

i agree with you about the scotts. my husband does one occasionally as a joke, but i dont think he realizes what it does to me... heh. i should probably mention it. :)

midwestern accents (and i can say this without malice because i live in the midwest) irritate me. mostly because i moved here from the south & they all made fun of me for it.

cute post!

Suniverse said...

I love hearing about all these accents! I need to go online and listen to some of them - particularly the South African & Denny from PS I Love You [because we must be friends].

Ana said...

The British accent is the most delicious of them all - to me, of course. I also love an Irish, Scottish or Welsh accent. Let's just say I have a thing for the UK.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree with the Irish one, not as Denny specific though. Really an one with an Irish accent makes me weak in the knees. I also find Middle Eastern accent, Indian accent, Australian dialect/accent, Scottish brogue (granted I can understand them), and the Texas-drawl all attractive.

While I find the Canadian accent can be hilarious at times it can also be annoying, the proper British and French accent sound too up-it-y, and I cannot understand the strong Chinese accent to save my life. However, I can understand Japanese accents, anyone care to explain?

Caiti said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the British educated Indian...I thought I was the only one in the world!

and a slight Texas drawl...There's a particular fellow I'm a bit sweet on that has this going on...could be the mix of his accent & chivalry.

But my all time favorite accent is the Bermy...or the slow and gentle Bermudian accent - it sounds as though it's one part southern drawl, one part british, and one part island flavor...

Anonymous said...

Really? All teenagers are annoying? Ageism is so funny and clever. I know one blog I won't be reading anymore.

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