Best, Most Decadent Desserts

Oh, sure. Christmas is behind us and the holidays are winding down, but I can count a full five days before those New Year's Resolutions kick in, which means a full five days to finish off the many delicious desserts that are still sitting in the refrigerator and on the counter as I type. In honor of clearing our plates and licking our fingers, I give you my personal list of the best desserts ever.
  1. Chocolate chip cookies. (Classic for a reason!)
  2. Death by Chocolate. (I have an aunt that makes this by layering crumbled chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and shaved chocolate in a huge, clear bowl. Death by Chocolate is a fitting name.)
  3. Warm brownies topped with Tofutti ice-cream (or the real thing).
  4. Crumbly Coffee Cake (with coffee, of course).
  5. Blueberry Cobbler (or any kind of cobbler, really).
Now why don't you tell me your favorite desserts while I wipe the drool from my computer screen? :)

Posted by Chrissy


Bridey said...

1. Chocolate cake so moist as to resemble a sunken soufflé from Strawberry Fare in Christchurch (yes I know their dessert menu by heart)
2. Sticky date and chocolate pudding with toffee sauce
3. Dark chocolate mousse
4. Chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream

Jackie said...

1. Confetti cake with confetti icing
2. Warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies
3. Soft and fudgy, chocolate brownies (omg, yum!)
4. Jello salad. (Cream cheese, green jello, and pineapple chunks)
5. Chocolate pudding
6. Strawberry Rhubarb pie!!!
7. Cookie dough =D

the cherry blog said...

1. Creme Brulee - when you break through the hard top..aaah!
2. Tiramisu
3. Cupcakes
4. Traditional Apple Pie
5. Eton Mess - Splendid!

Edith said...

1. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake
2. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie (I'm celebrating New Years with a pint of this!)
3. Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream.

This makes me miss the US with a passion. D:

Helen said...

1. Chocolate cake. Any and all kinds of chocolate cake.
2. Profiteroles. With warm chocolate sauce drizzled ontop.
3. Apple pie or apple crumble - with sultanas and lots of brown sugar and cinnamon.
4. Carrot cake. Or beetroot cake or butternut squash or pumpkin cake!
5. Tiramisu, also. I just love the creaminess and coffee flavours yum.
6. Brownies. Blondies. Yum.

Vixel said...

1. Profiteroles! I had a large plateful last night and they were amazing!
2. Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream
3. Sherry trifle - lots of booze of course, and most importantly, fresh home-made custard, none of the packet stuff!
4. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream
5. Sickeningly rich, thick dark chocolate mousse!

Catazon said...

Well, you know Death by Chocolate (the dessert) has been eternally ruined for me, a former HRD skater. ;)

1. Banana cream pie or Banana pudding
2. Coffee ice cream and Heath Bar mixin
3. Strawberry cake
4. Chess pie

Rebecca said...

01. Creme brulee
02. Tiramisu
03. Meringue with raspberries
04. Chocolate mousse
05. Coffee icecream
06. Moist chocolate cake

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