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The lovely and hilarious Erin was kind enough to alert me to the fact that January's Real Simple is the list issue! Be still my heart! For those not in the know, Real Simple is one of those beautifully photographed magazines, printed on thick matte paper, that fills you with a desire to wear a lot of linen and pare down your life to a few, carefully selected, color coordinated essentials.

Some of the highlights of the list issue?
  • heaps and heaps of downloadable, pre-written lists for everything under the sun. Essential travel information! Cleaning schedule! Gift Inventory Checklist!
  • helps you keep your lists up to date no matter where you are. You can make additions to the via the website or call a toll free number that converts your voice to text and adds it to your list. At an appointed time, Jott will email and text you the list. Amazing, eh?!
  • stores clips and lists in a virtual scrapbook so you don't need those huge bookmark lists.
  • 20 tips to make a wardrobe last
  • 15 ways to fit in fitness
  • 18 fresh upgrades for six convenience food favorites
The issue even includes the hilarious, imaginary lists of various famous people.
My favorite? Mozart.
1. Powder wig
2. Powder face
3. Fluff ruffles

I'm not sure if Real Simple is available internationally, but they have a fantastic website that is also rife with list and handy, useful information. Enjoy!

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