Things About Me That I Would Never Change

  1. I have perfect ears. I'm not exaggerating. Every boy I have ever dated has commented on this, which seems too weird a coincidence to be anything but true.
  2. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Naive? Maybe. A recipe for hurt and disappointment? Perhaps. But considering the good fortune I've had, I'm thinking there might be something to this.
  3. I'm a goal oriented and ambitious person. I like challenges. If there are no current challenges facing me, I create new ones.
  4. I'm an unapologetic feminist.
  5. I'm not afraid to try new things.
  6. I celebrate my birthdays heartily, and plan on doing so for the rest of my life. I can't see myself as one of those people who refuse to acknowledge their real age.
  7. I'm sensitive. If I think someone is upset with or disappointmented in me, it breaks my heart. To avoid this, I try to be as kind as possible.
  8. I'm a list addict. And why would I want to change that when instead, I can join blogs that celebrate it? ;-)

Posted by Chrissy


Bridey said...

1. My love of adventure
2. Being a perfectionist (although I'm sure that it gets annoying for other people!)
3. Feeling comfortable in my own company
4. The fact that I'm always making elaborate plans
5. That I will almost always choose variety and originality over conformity

Cath said...

1. My selfness * even when it makes me mad sometimes*

2.My kid like atitude towards all thing new and no im not inmature I just have the guts to explore.

3.How I put music to every situation of my life and have a playlist just for speacial moods.

Scribbles said...

1. That I'm a "smart girl"... I spent years feeling like I had to apologise for this and you know what? Fuck that. I am brainy.
2. The fact that one of the things that runs through my mind frequently is how I would soundtrack this moment if my life was a movie.
3. The fact I care and love and worry too much - I'd rather do it too much then not enough. If you want to avoid the crushing feeling of people disappointing you, you'll never reach the soaring heights. The heights are so wonderful, I couldn't give that up.

Vixel said...

1. My brainyness, like Scribbles, I love being a "smart girl". I wouldn't swap my intelligence for anything.

2. Stealing one off Bridey, I love the fact that I'm comfortable in my own company too.

3. The fact that I'll drop everything to help a friend, if I can.

4. I seem to have an instinct for "survival" - I can drift through life in a totally chaotic haze, and often do, but I'll manage to pull myself together and do what I need to get by every time.

5. My belief in doing something about things that get me down, instead of tolerating them.

Darcie said...

my ability to grab on, soak up and endure almost anything for a moment.

my ability to instantly relax, retreat, slough off and relish those same things that were so difficult.

that how i look and how i think i look are just different enough to keep me happy.

my generally unapologetic sense of sarcasm.

Sarah Von said...

My steel trap of a memory

My straight white teeth and large-ish lips

My ability to turn create a lovely lifestyle out of two nickels, a piece of stale bread and a old glove I found on the sidewalk.

That, when it comes to large/life changing decisions, I am damn near fearless.

That I am almost pathologically pleasant. I can't control it and it can be exhausting sometimes, but I'm glad that I can make the people around me comfortable and happy.

Anonymous said...

1. My love of tea

2. My feminism

3. My eyes

4. My large, muscley calves

5. My taste in literature

My Cats Like Me said...

Oh gosh what a fantastic list! I'm going to do a big version for myself over on my blog this week. Great job :)

Also @SarahVon "pathologically pleasant" me too! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Again, can I just say I love this blog!

1. My lips are my most favorite physical feature.
2. My love of reading. The only drawback is that I have a ridiculously long, and growing, to-be-read list.
3. My thirst for knowledge.
4. My mad organizational skills. I love "spring cleaning" and decluttering/organizing my life and home.
5. I love that I love so many different things and have such a variety in my interests. Though it makes it difficult as far as making career goals--I may always be "finding myself"-- I'm still enjoying the journey.

Anonymous said...

1. My Eyes
2. I'm a smart girl, too, and even if it makes me feel uncomfortable occasionally, I would NEVER change this about myself.
3. My ambition
4. My addiction to literature.
5. My love of cooking and baking, because none of my friends can do it, and I'm pretty good at it.
6. That I don't have to be around people all the time.
7. I'm a girly girl at heart and I love it.

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