When I Grow Up

I think it's fair to say that I was a rather unusual child. This was reflected in the types of jobs I wanted to do when I was older:
  1. Cryptozoologist
  2. Writer
  3. Professional Boxer
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Adventurer
What were your career plans when you were growing up?

Posted by Bridey


Chrissy said...

I am officially quitting my job and becoming a Cryptozoologist!

When I was growing up, I had firm plans to become:

An actress
An FBI agent
A writer
An archaeologist
A film director
An off-the-grid bluberry farmer
A college professor
A writer, again, and probably forever.

Miss Beth said...

Paleobotanist! I wanted to be one from second until sixth grade, when the La Brea tar pits broke my heart + I discovered acting.

Really, there's no list. It's a list of one thing.

Catazon said...

An architect, until I learned I hated straight lines.
An artist with a concentration in fashion design, until I learned I hated criticism.
A sports psychologist, until I learned I hated listening to men complain.

Darcie said...

1) an elementary school art teacher

2) a photographer for national geographic

3) a college professor

i guess none of those are too weird. and if i loved school harder and hated art school less, i'd probably be doing one of those. five years of art school already is too many, who could do three more?

Cath said...

1.Marine Biologist

2.Forensic Psychology


4.Forensic Pathologist

5.College Professor

6. Language Pathologist

7.College Professor

Jackie said...

In no specific order:

1. A writer
2. a "Cowboy Girl"
3. an Art Teacher
4. a Video Game Designer
5. an Actress
6. a Translator
7. a Tiger.

Anonymous said...

When I was little I wanted to be a
1. Teacher
2. Librarian
3. Model
4. Nurse (even though I hated the sight of blood)
5. To work in publishing (which is exactly what I do now...) I'm kind of bummed I didn't stick with the model dream... haha

Anonymous said...

1. Painter
2. Lawyer
3. Ballerina
4. Journalist
5. Editor
6. College professor

Tash said...

1) A journalist so I could see the world and meet people. I had dreams of never seeing an office cubicle, never sitting in front of a computer (it was when I was little).
2) A bartender (yeah, alcoho)
3) A chef at a hotel that my friend would turn into a nightclub at dusk.
4) A writer.
5) A fashion designer (nowhere near that now).

Scribbles said...

1. Be an Olympic Figure Skater AND Work at the mill with my dad (cuz even at three I knew that NZ professional sport was an oxymoron)
2. Actress
3. Interior Designer
4. Lawyer
5. PR (did this, didn't like it)

And now I'm starting a career as something I love that was never definitively on that list.

Vixel said...

In chronological order!

1. Nurse - because doesn't every little girl want to be a nurse at some point?
2. Archaeologist because I had that dinosaur phase.
3. High-Flying City Type - I had no idea what career wanted, all I knew is I wanted to wear a suit, yell into a mobile phone and look expensive all day!
4. Astronaut!
5. Fighter Pilot
6. Airline Pilot, when I realised I'd never pass the phsical for 4 or 5.
7. Lawyer
8. Writer

... and now I'm studying to be a lawyer whilst trying to write, so I did finally find one that stuck!

cuileann said...

Cryptozoology? Zomg, so cool!

Bridey said...

@ cuileann - I'm still tempted to make a career change and start studying the Loch Ness Monster!

Sarah Von said...

1. Ballerina
2. Illustrator
3. Chef
4. Author
5. Child Psychologist
6. Journalist
7. Anthropologist

I still jones on #7 all the time.

Ms Constantine said...

1. Ballet dancer
2. Aerobics instructor
3. Zoologist
4. Teacher
5. Dancer (in general)
6. Personal shopper
7. Computer person, I was just interested in computers in general.
8. Office lady

Zay said...

1. a CEO...yes, I said it.
2. Veterinarian
3. Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazard)
4. Dazzler (Marvel Comics superheroine)
5. Kung Fu Master
6. Fly Girl (In Living Color's dancers)

Samantha Darko said...

1. Egyptologist
2. Archeologist
3. Cryptozoologist
4. Artist
5. Actor (even if you are female in theatre to term actress used to mean prositute according to my theatre professors)

Anonymous said...

in chronological order:
1. topiary gardener
2. painter of murals
3. nature lover
4. pianist at Carnegie Hall
5. writer

--I'm getting there with all of them!

Batopus said...

In roughly chronological order:

4.Wild Woman of the Jungle

I'm still stuck on number 5 most days, though sometimes I have a hankering to move to New Zealand and raise sheep.

Anonymous said...

Graphic Designer

Rebecca said...

circa 1980 - zookeeper
circa 1990 - doctor
circa 2000 - molecular biologist

Stephanie said...

1. Doctor
2. Chef
3. Astronaut
4. Pilot
5. Nobel Prize winner
6. Philosopher
7. Writer
8. Duck/squirrel living in Washington DC

... and yes, they are in chronological order, from the first to the most recent

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