Things That At Which I Fail

  1. Triple Digit Subtraction when attempted without paper
  2. Determining which way is north
  3. Confrontation
  4. Negotiation (I have two modes: "Sure! That's fine! Overcharge me, I implore you!" and "$3. No? You are Effing dead to me.)
  5. Tempering eggs
  6. Doing anything to my eyebrows, ever
  7. Not crying during any even vaguely moving film
  8. Taking photos without making a 'photo face'
Posted by Sarah Von


Dollface said...

1. Asking for help. I never ask for directions or how to do something. Usually I find out later that it would have been better (or quicker!) if I'd just asked someone.

2. Finishing projects.

3. Getting into good habits (like flossing or taking vitamins).

4. Cooing over babies & pets. No, I do not want to hold your baby.

5. Spending time alone. Sure, I can manage if you give me internet and a good book, but I get stir crazy if I don't get human interaction.

Sisa said...

1. Finishing things

2. Deciding which is left and right when on a hurry.

3. Painting inside the lines

4. Drawing

5. Fishing

Erin said...

1. Accepting that not everything is as it should be (according to me).
2. Driving to a new place without completely freaking out and subsequently making a wrong turn that I wouldn't have made if I spent less time freaking out and more time calmly following directions.
3. Using my sewing machine without breaking/bending a freakin needle every freakin time.
4. Waiting for the bath to fill up all the way before getting in, even though I know it would be that much more satisfying to shimmy into a full, steaming tub.
5. Sweeping and vacuuming the floors daily. Which is essential with a baby, because he'll find the one minuscule piece of yarn you didn't sweep up, eat it, then throw it up.

Zay said...

1. Doing math in my head. I'm a retard.

2. Being organized in all things. I want to be, though, really I do.

Chrissy said...

1. Knowing my left from my right, in a hurry and otherwise.

2. Any craft involving yarn. I have given up on knitting forever.

3. Reading in bed. I always fall asleep within five minutes.

4. Having an argument or heated debate without crying.

Beth said...

1. Math. Ever. On a calculator is okay, but I'd really rather have somebody else do it for me.

2. Exercising calm problem-solving skills. My main methods are cry + sleep.

3. Not crying when I miss somebody.

4. Being sick. It's really really boring to be sick, so I get tired of lying in bed all day + get up + run around, + then get more sick.

5. "going with the flow." Everything I do is carefully scheduled. Everything.

Darcie said...

1) simple math in high pressure (read: public) situations.

2) apologizing to my husband when i know i've done something stupid (as opposed to when i've done something seriously wrong)

3) not being sarcastic. big fail.

4) giving up on friends that might be wrong for me.

5) admitting failure of any kind. ;)

Darcie said...

what is 'tempering eggs' --like for custard or hollandaise?

Jackie said...

1. Eating fresh veggies
2. Drinking water
3. Drawing
4. Trivia games
5. Using loud appliances like vacuums and blenders
6. Opening new jars
7. Dancing.

Anonymous said...

1. French
2. Drawing
3. Singing
4. Not rolling my eyes at stupid things

Vixel said...

1. Getting on with a piece of work without procrastinating heavily first.
2. Keeping my room tidy for longer than a few days at a time.
3. Cooking a fried brekfast without setting the fire alarm off.
4. Keeping in touch with people who don't use facebook, blog or use twitter.
5. Getting enough sleep at night during the week!
4. Going without caffeine for more than 8 hours.

Anonymous said...

This picture made me incredibly happy for some reason... LOL I fail at singing... I reserve it for shower time

Brooke said...

1. Living in the moment (I'm always looking forward to something in the future)

2. letting my nails grow nail biter:/

3. Confrontation.

Rebecca said...

01. Waking up with acceptable looking hair.
02. Keeping my fingernail polish on.
03. Replying to emails.
04. Having early nights.
05. Keeping consistent hours at work.

Anonymous said...

1. Finishing craft projects and short stories
2. Math in general
3. Getting enough sleep
4. Asking for help
5. Keeping in touch with friends

Anonymous said...

Love the picture...made me giggle uncontrollably! :)

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