Skills I Really Want to Learn

I love the thought of being multi-talented, and there are so many skills that I want to learn:
  • How to speak Spanish and French. I wish I had started learning these years ago, it would be so handy for travelling!
  • How to sew. At the moment my sewing skills are limited to mending and replacing buttons.
  • How to play the harp.
  • How to do an illusion
  • How to surf

What strange and unusual skills do you most want to have?

Posted by Bridey


Chrissy said...

1. I would love to learn first aid. Unfortunately, I'm very squeamish when it comes to blood and open wounds!

2. How to ballroom dance. I am saving this for when my relationship needs a pick me up!

3. I would love to know how to create websites and use Photoshop. So far, I've picked up a few things here and there, but I wouldn't say I'm skilled.

4. Learn to speak Italian.

Beth said...

1. I want to know how to play the banjo! (My boyfriend + I keep an extended list of obscure instruments we wish we knew how to play.)

2. Tapdancing- c'mon, how cool does that look?

3. Various gymnastics- I would love to know how to run up a wall + do a flip, how to do a backflip, how to balance on obscure things...

4. Speak German- I wanted to take it in high school, but noooo, I had to take Spanish, because it was more useful!

Zay said...

1. I wish I knew how to sew to make anything I wanted from clothes to drapes to ugly felt dolls.

2. To speak Korean and Japanese.

3. I want to have B-Girl skills.

4. To be a direction/location master - I am directionally challenged and could get lost in my own backyard.

5. Master crocheting - I taught myself and have yet to venture out and let loose to crochet out of the box.

Freya said...

1. Speak two other languages fluently (or at least one fluently and one conversationally). I've taken Japanese for a few years and my family is Italian, so those would be my top picks.

2. Learn to swallow a sword. I'm working on it, sans sword for now.

3. The splits. I used to be able to, and I'd like them back, if only for bragging rights :)

4. Like Beth, I also would like to play an obscure instrument, though mine is the musical saw.

Jackie said...

1. Speak Japanese fluently. I've studied it for about three years now, but I'm know where near being fluent.

2. I want to be able to sing. That way when my boyfriend plays guitar, I can sing along. Or, I'd also like to play the acoustic guitar so I can play along with my boyfriend.

3. I wish I could do a cartwheel. I'm one of the few people in the universe who never learned to do a cartwheel. Sad.

Rebecca said...

01. Do the splits.
02. Speak French and Italian.
03. Use Photoshop.
04. Sew like my Mother can.
05. Sketch living things beautifully.

Dollface said...

I'd love to...

1. Learn a language (preferably Russian)...or brush up on my French
2. Learn to sew
3. Become a more proficient cook
4. Learn to drive (aka get over my fears!)

Sarah Von said...

- speak every blessed language ever
- break dance
- throw my voice
- boarding skillz (snow, surf, skate, wake)
- play a harmonica

Sisa said...

-To be able to say things I feel even when they are full of strong emotions.

-Learn to paint and draw

-Be more creative with color

-Become a fashionista

-Learn Calligraphy

-Learn to sing

-Learn holistic veterinary treatments

-Be free

Anonymous said...

1. Play the drums or hand bells
2. I agree with the tap dancing and ballroom, it looks so fun :)
3. Be able to sew cool clothes for me to wear
4. Whistle loudly with two fingers

Vixel said...

1. How to speak Japanese
2. How to make clothes
3. How to rollerblade
4. Drawing
5. Playing the double bass

Anonymous said...

1. Sign language
2. Singing

Anonymous said...

1. Speak Spanish fluently (I've been studying it for about 3 years.)
2. Be able to do the splits (and gymnastics in general)
3. Tango
4. Say what I mean/need to say
5. Talk to people I don't know without feeling shy
6. Get better at the lindy-hop
7. Stop judging myself and others

Anonymous said...

1. Learn Spanish/French (isn't it interesting we'd all love to learn another language)
2. Stop judging
3. Cooking without a recipe
4. Offroad driving
5. Adding up in my head
6. Sewing my own clothes
7. Keeping my hula hoop up for more than 23 rotations
8. Play guitar

Andrea said...

• How to ride a motorcycle
• How to sew with a sewing machine, how to sew clothing
• How to network
• How to cook more interesting dishes
• How to take photos with the manual settings (F-stop, ISO etc.)
• How to apply eyeliner
• How to knit something and have it come out as the desired size and shape
• How to play mahjong
• How to resist cravings for certain foods and/or how to stop after just a taste
• How to be confident in myself
• How to do a spinning, airborne Tai Kwon Do kick
• How to speak more languages, brush up the ones I already studied
• How to focus on tasks at hand
• How to get what I want!

Mila said...

* Learn Calligraphy (currently waiting for my beginners guide book to arrive)
* Ice skate gracefully (I can Ice skate just fine, but I wish I looked more gracefull and new a few trics)
* Surf (gonna do it in 2010 for sure)

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