Things I Wish on Dandelions

Sapphire Jean is a 20-something writer from Brisbane, Australia who enjoys gallivanting around the globe, good grammar and the odd cocktail or three with friends!

Things I wish on dandelions...
  1. For my sick friends and family to return to health
  2. For world peace and the changes that can lead us closer towards that goal (hey, those dandelion seeds can fly far and wide)
  3. For a super fun day ahead
  4. For chocolate to appear in my hands as soon as I finish wishing
  5. For forgiveness
  6. For children in need
  7. For wondrous opportunities to arise in my favour, and for the awareness to see them and take them
  8. For a glamorous tropical holiday where people wear heels with their bikinis and impossibly large sunglasses to shield their eyes from all the white yachts
  9. For what I want for Christmas (here in Australia, we sometimes call dandelions Santa Clauses for their gift-bringing properties!)
  10. For love – huge waves of sparkly, energising, encompassing love for everyone!

What are your wishes?


Anonymous said...

1. World peace of course
2. To have a great school year or next day
3. To find an excellent boyfriend
4. That my friends and family will be happy

Anonymous said...

- True love

- Peace

- Fabulous, sunny days

Anonymous said...

1. To find true love
2. Peace and happiness to my loved ones
3. A better day
4. Lots and lots of money :]

Bridey said...

+ Happiness
+ Love
+ Adventure. Lots of adventure!
+ Excitement

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