The Best Compliments I've Ever Received

We all like a little positive reinforcement from time to time, no? When I'm lucky enough to get one of those amazing, insightful compliments, I tuck it away in my pocket and take it out from time to time when I'm feeling bloated and mediocre. Some of the best I've ever received?
  1. "I love to see what you do with your hair. Every day I sit in the back of class and wonder how you did that." - my anthropology TA
  2. "You're like a PR agent for your own life! You'll tell me a story about something you did and I'll think, 'Wow, I wish I had done that!' But then I realize I have done it. But you're just so much better at talking about it." - my ex-boyfriend
  3. "You are ridiculously emotionally healthy. Who stays friends with their ex-boyfriends? And who sets them up with their cute co-workers?" - my college roomie
  4. "Selling out? I don't think you know how to do that." - a former co-worker
  5. "It would never occur to you to ever be anything other than yourself, would it?" - my mom
Goodness, I'm blushing after all that! Quick, share your own so I don't feel like such a braggart!

Posted by Sarah Von


Looking-Glass Authors said...

1. being told that i'm artsy like jenny lewis because i have that "air" about me - beau

2. being told that i'm feisty, rebellious, and a pistol - same beau. (pistol is in reference to a song by a man named dustin kensure who was singing to his wife about how she's hard headed and a pistol, but that's what he wanted. "you're the girl of my dreams and a pistol it seems")

3. being told that i'm a great dancer and being compared to shakira - many people

Anonymous said...

I was once told I'm the most polite person they've ever met and that was a super nice compliment!

brodie said...

last year i was helping a stressed-out fellow university student (and very, very good friend) calm herself down and she just looked at me all glass-eyed and said, "thank you for existing"
i really couldn't have asked for more!

Bridey said...

One of my friends once told me I was "full of surprises"

Amy! said...

You know how every once in awhile you see someone beautiful out of the corner of your eye, but you didn't actually see them so you take an actual look?

In an airport duty free shop the other day my hubby walked up and said he did just that, saw a really beautiful woman but just from the corner of his eye, so he stopped to actually look and realized it was me. :) "Lucky me," he said with a grin.

Anonymous said...

"one of the nicest people I have ever met." - from a few other nice people


Gloria said...

"you are a beautiful geek"
theater arts classmate

Generic Cialis said...

I Love you. My girlfriend. I know it is not much but to know that someone loves you, and that for that person you mean the world gives me enough reason to wake up every morning.

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