Calling All Pets!

Photo credit: Yours Truly! (aka, Me)

I love animals, my most favorite animal of all being the dog that is attached to the paws above. He is the latest (and greatest) in a long line of pets, stretching back to when I was still in the womb. Here, for your perusal, is a list of all the pets I've ever loved.

1. Hercules - a lovable German Shepard mix who used to guard me when I played in the yard by myself. He lived until I was about five and when he could barely walk we finally had to put him down.

2. Nosemarie - a beagle, named for a character on the pound puppies show. She was mean dog who bit the neighborhood kids, and eventually we had to give her away to some people who did not have children.

3. Kitty - a cat, whom I don't remember very well. I was never much of a cat person.

4. Smokey - a rambunctious chocolate lab who would climb up on the kitchen table to eat our leftovers from breakfast. He eventually ran away from home and I was very sad.

5. 99 - a lovebird, named after Agent 99 on Get Smart. I liked to name my pets after famous people.

6. Mickey - a huge yellow lab who was lazy, loving and spoiled rotten. My family had this dog for close to ten years and he was a big part of my childhood. He lived to a ripe old age before finally succumbing to the big sleep.

7. Various insects - I wanted to be an entomologist when I grew up, and practiced by capturing and raising loads of creepy crawlies. My favorites were ants (ant farm), caterpillars and praying mantises. I had to buy and then feed crickets to the praying mantises. I don't know if I could do that now.

8. Seamus - a giant beast of a black dog and the current love of my life. He's named for the Irish poet Seamus Heaney and gets very upset if you sit in his spot on the couch.

Now it's your turn - tell me all about your pets!


Zay said...

1. I had a black cat when I was around 2 or 3 years old. I don't remember the cat very well and have no clue what its name was. I just remember having it and then my parents giving it away because it always scratched me whenever I tried to touch it.

2. Dixie - I came home one day from school (I was probably in the 4th or 5th grade) and put my backpack down in the kitchen to greet my mom. I grabbed a snack and my eyes zeroed on a white kitten sleeping on a pillow. She grew to be a very fat white cat whom I adored. We had to give her to a new home when we were stationed to Germany. She would have been quarantined for a long time if she came with us. I was so sad.

3. Troubles - My mom finally let me have a dog while we lived in an apartment in Goldbach, Germany. Troubles loved to chew on the refrigerator wires and was banned by my mother. I was angry at my mom for a long time about giving Troubles away to another family.

4. Tiki short for Tequila - We finally broke the cycle of giving away pets when Tiki entered out lives. She was the first pet my mom became attached to. I got her when I was around 16 and she was just one of those dogs that you could not have asked for better. She seemed to understand every word out of your mouth and she took only one week to be house broken and by week two never had another accident in the house again. My parents had to put her down when she reached an old age.

5. Dizzy - our 14 year old cat who we saved from the local animal shelter when we arrived in Nac. We weren't allowed to have animals but figured that didn't mean Dizzy. :) She is still rambunctious and is the boss of the dogs in the house.

6. Mr. Green Jeans - our first time owning a reptile. We got this iguana from the Do Dat BBQ which was an annual event here in East Texas. I have no idea why we wanted an iguana at the time but we did. We brought this guy home and tried to love on him as much as possible to make him like us. Mr. Green Jeans hated us from day one until the day we found him dead in his aquarium. We were told that many a times iguanas can die from intestinal parasites. It was a sad experience for us.

7. Josie - our neurotic pooch who looks like a pretty red deer with red freckles. We save her from our local pound, as well. She might be neurotic but she loves us dearly as we do her. She loves to go on walks and boy does she like to go for a ride. She's so smart that we find ourselves spelling words around her a lot like c-a-r, w-a-l-k, t-r-e-a-t. However, I think she is catching on. Josie is 8 now and likes to sleep but is game for a walk any time.

8. Toby - this guy is our Bull Terrier who we saved from a BT rescue in Houston. He is our little white terror and likes to bully everyone in the house. The only thing that saved him from being returned in the early days is this guy is a fantastic lover/cuddler. He'll look at us sometimes with his moon eyes filled with adoration that we get suckered every time. Toby is around 3 now and always thinks it's bully time.

Briana said...

I've only ever had 2 pets. Before I was born, my mom and dad wanted to practice their parenting skills on pets to make sure they were going to be good. We had...

-Q-Tip - This was my dad's pet. My dad is a cat person and my mom is a dog person. Anyways, he was a little mean and relaxed in the bathroom sink all the time. When we moved, my parents gave him to this guy that my dad worked with who LOVED cats but never had one. He died a couple years ago, and I'm 18, so he lived quite a full life.

-Tasha - A lovable German Shepherd that couldn't hurt anyone. She would always eat our leftovers and play with me and the neighbor kid when he came over. My parents gave her to this dog shelter some old rich lady started that didn't kill the dogs.

Catazon said...

I have had way too many pets (dogs, ducks, turtles, hamsters, possums) to list by name, and I don't remember all their names anyway. Here's the highlights:

1. Tuffy - MY first cat; a Silver Tabby found in a ditch with his dead brothers and sisters; practically grew up with him; he died the same year my grandmother did; lived about 18 good years.

2. Lady - MY second cat; a mean Siamese trained to attack my first cat; provided only a few good years of comic relief.

3. Thomas - MY third cat; a Tabby who disowned me and now lives in my mom's backyard; going on a record 11 years as an outdoor cat.

My daughter has already had 2 hamsters and a turtle, and she is only 5. The fun begins again...

Scribbles said...

Antoinette - a black and white cat who always held it against me that I usurped her place as first child of my parents.

Sam - her kitten, cruelly taken away from us at eighteen months old in a car accident. The first cat that was really mine

Champurrs - a champagne coloured tabby tom. Dad refused to give him the snip (funny that he had no problem with spaying our girl cats) and he became a rough-as-guts tom-about-town, seducing all the ladies before dying at fifteen but not before probably becoming the father of...

Montarina - named by my sister, goes by Mo or Montie for short. Born by a stray mother cat in our garden twelve years ago, two of her three siblings are also alive. She is the only one, however, that needs to take steroids due to her allergic reaction to fleas. If one so much as touches her, her fur starts falling out.

Gemma - "my" cat, she freely gives away her affections to anyone that will stroke her between the ears. I'm not a fan of giving cats people names but I got her off my cousin after my nana had just passed away and he'd been calling her grandma. A little too weird for me, so I just changed the name to something that sounded similar.

Morpheus - The rabbit. He's 7 years old (which is like 140 or something in bunny years) and still hopping along. The only bit of testorone in the house for poor old dad :D

I'd love to get a dog but it has to wait for my own place :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my apartment building and my mom's allergies won't allow for dogs, so all I've had are hamsters. They're not the same as a slobbery, cuddly dog but I love them.

1. Neko. The first hamster I ever bought. He got sick right from the start--he would always huddle in one corner of the cage, shivering, and flinched whenever I tried to pick him up. He died eight days after coming home from the store. :[

2. Sandy! Oh, Sandy, Sandy, she was the first to truly capture my heart. She had an angelic look, all white and brown fur and big black eyes and pink nose, but she was FEISTY. She loved us and let us hold her often, and if she got tired of it she would wander off for adventures of her own. I had her for three years (and three different homes).

3. Kate and Allie. They were sister hamsters who I never had an attachment with--Kate died only a few days after we bought her and Allie did the same six months after. It was really sad.

4. Miyo. He looked like Sandy, only darker, and he only stayed with us for about a year and a half. I was really mean to him and called him a loser and didn't take him out as much as I took Sandy out, though the last one wasn't on purpose, and my mom really, really loved him. He got sick though and died in my hands. ;;

4. Taisuke, Hiro, and Nika. I bought all three at the same time because I couldn't choose--baby hamsters are dangerously cute. Taisuke is black and white, Hiro a light brown and white (just like Sandy) and Nika is a weird mix of brown, orange, and black. Hiro likes to explore and is really rambunctious but he's the sweetest; everyone always likes him the best. Nika is...I don't even know, I hardly take her out. She's my mom's baby really. And poor Taisuke, the smart, calm one, gets called skunk and rat by strangers. He's MY baby. I love them all very much.

Mavis said...

The one and only pet which I still think about regularly and miss dearly is Telly, a Japanese spitz and Samoyed mix. He was a ball of white fluff, and always acted like a human. He would have his tempers, sit around family conversations, and observe you with intelligent eyes. He was around even before I was born, and had been the greatest companion until I was 13. I remember feeling extreme loss when he pass away, and I don't think any pet can even replace him in my heart.

Trish said...

AWWWW. That picture is so adorable!!

I have a pet named Mickey too!! :)

Rebecca said...

Ruru - A green budgie, the first pet I ever named.

Papanui - A yellow duckling. My sisters and I had one each, plus a few others. Unfortunately, we had to give them to a "man who loved ducks" when they got older. It was at least a decade later that I realised he loved eating them.

Jane - A pet lamb. My sisters and I each got a lamb. Mine had dark colouring around her eyes and wore a red ribbon. I bottle fed her and when she was big enough gave her to another infamous "man who loved sheep."

Chick-chick - A bantam rooster that used to sit on the handlebars of my tricycle.

Sarah - An angora goat who I got when she was a baby. I remember when her horns first started to sprout out of her head and being very intrigued. I cried for days after she drowned.

Bingo - An albino budgie. He said many words and phrases, including "Poor Bingo's hungry". He was twice rescued and returned by my sister's cat, after the neighbour's cat caught him. The third time, he wasn't so lucky.

Zachery - A rainbow lorikeet that also learned to talk.

Carmelle - A beautiful golden retriever I got when she was seven and kept for nine more years. She was petrified of giant balloons and always wanting food.

Honorable mentions are some of my sisters' pets: Anna the cat and Heidi the dog.

Helen said...

Lucky & Ducky - 2 goldfish me and my sister got! I must have been about 6 at the time

Pinky - My sister's hamster. She lived for so long! She started going bald, bless her.

Sandy - A Hamster I had when I was about 10? I don't know. Anyway, she turned out to be a he and bit me when I tried to handle him, thus putting me off my dream career of being a vet. He died after only 3 months!

Pepe - My dog! The love of my life (haha). I got him for my 18th birthday, he is named after my Grandad who bought him for me. He is a Yorkshire terrier and I couldn't bear being apart from him

Nina - The newest addition to our family! She is also a yorkshire terrier. She is Pepe's niece, but is a lot smaller than him. She has really warmed my heart the past few months and I couldn't imagine being without either of them now.

Christine said...

I have two cats now - the first ever pets that have ever been really truly all mine (ie. I paid for them and pay for their stupid cat litter).

Sophie - She's an evil genius. Always getting into my stuff, knocking stuff off tables, breaking window blinds, and generally being bad. She is also very loving and demands attention, but only in the middle of the night.

Joe - A big, lovable goon. She is very cuddly and follows me around like a dog. Her favorite thing to do is eat, and Sophie is her BFF.

I also have two pet rats, Petey and Daisy. Daisy is the best rat ever. She is so smart and playful and always wants attention and when you let her out of her cage, she will follow you around so you have to watch where you step.

I also have a betta fish named Jupiter but he's pretty boring (as fish usually are) so I won't bother talking about him.

♥ xtine

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