Things You'd Like to Know Before You Start a Relationship But are Afraid to Ask

Scribbles is from New Zealand and writes on love, life and literature - instead of having a million children (like half her friends), she has a million books and considers them a lot lower maintenance... most of the time.

There are certain areas that seem like dangerous territory in "just dating" conversation, that seem too heavy for casual small talk but would REALLY help you in seeing whether you want this flirtation to go further.

Mine are:
  1. What his relationship is like with his family - I'm close with mine and I need a guy that can at least understand that even if he's not quite as close with his own. Is he a mummy's boy and will you always be second best?

  2. What ended his last relationship - she got fat? That would be a no go for me. Realising they had different goals and ambitions is a more valid and acceptable reason in my book. She cheated? Something that may explain his reaction to circumstances in your relationship.

  3. Marriage and babies, yes or no - everyone has their own views on these two things and it can cause a major bust up if you aren't on the same page... but it is one of those things very rarely brought up early on. Wouldn't it be great to know you were compatible right from the start?

  4. His personal hygiene habits - he may look spiffy now, but have you caught him the day of his weekly shower when you are a twice-a-day shower nerd? Or vice versa and he'll look at you with condescension for washing your hair every third day.

  5. His religious leanings - it's no secret that I believe in God, but it's a bit full on in the first date to be delving into each other's religious and spiritual experiences even if you want to know whether he's dedicated to a particular faith, open to possibilities or whatever.

What are those burning questions that you've always wanted to ask someone you were dating but just haven't worked up the guts?


ashe mischief said...

One thing I have to ALWAYS ask, even though it's not the fun question to ask...
"When is the last time you were tested for STDs, and how frequently do you get tested?"

My health is important to me, and I want to be with someone who treats his body that same way.

insomniaclolita said...

His past histories with girls usually.:)

Countrybelle said...

this is such a cool concept for a blog. i am a list addict too!

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