Features of My Dream Home

When I'm in a planning mood (which is frequently) I sometimes get to thinking about a few of the features that my dream home will possess:
  • Large swimming pool
  • Tree house with a good rope swing
  • Vegetable garden with rows and rows of peas
  • Huge bath
  • Elaborate four poster bed
  • Baby grand piano
  • Sunny window seat
  • Courtyard with a fountain
Practicalities aside, what would you most like as part of your dream home?

Posted by Bridey


ashe mischief said...

- A big bear club tub
- A massive, beautiful kitchen, fully equipped
- Two big trees supporting the most comfy hammock ever
- A library with a spiral staircase
- ideally an old mill, so that water is running underneath it.
- a window seat (with storage underneath)

Krissy said...

your dream home sounds like my dream home!

Beth said...

Oooh, ooh, I love imagining my dream house!

Mine has:
-a greenhouse
-a sewing room
-a huge drawing/sculpting studio
-a huge yard
-swimming pool
-a gigantic walk-in closet
-a wonderful vanity
-a remote-controlled by iPod speaker system throughout the whole place
-a luxurious bathtub

There are many other things, but that's enough for now. :)

Amber said...

I prefer a loft or warehouse, nothing traditional
*a beautiful view
*an outdoor shower for sunrise and moonlight
*large heated pool
*dark hardwood floors
*high ceilings
*lots of windows
*plenty of room for dancing and entertaining
*well appointed kitchen and garden
*big dining table for family and friends
*and I do like the baby grand piano idea
*great neighbors
*good weather

Allison said...

+ Library with wall-to-wall books (maybe a ladder for posterity)
+ Open yard space outside with an amazing treehouse
+ Livable attic space for getting away from it all
+ Awesome socializing kitchen area for gatherings or just tea

Dollface said...

- a turret room
- white fluffy bed
- a library
- shiny hardwood floors
- lots of windows & natural light
- walk-in closet
- great nooks for reading

Nathalia said...

I wouldn't mind living there...

Anonymous said...

*fully stocked wine cellar
*small, cosy library with comfy armchairs
*a super elegant dining room for dinner parties
*a lagoon style pool
*a sound proofed music studio for my musician boyfriend
*all decor fabulous but minimalistic


Anonymous said...

Okay here goes!
*a huge claw-foot tub. who doesn't love those?
*windows everywhere, esp. in bathrooms (ha)
*a well-stocked kitchen, big but not huge
*a balcony
*all sorts of things growing in the yard
*lots of animals
*a porch with lots of rocking chairs

I'm sure I could go on and on, but I have to go eat before work now...ah, dreamhouses.

Anonymous said...

-a library
-a nice big kitchen
-a pool with a slide indoor
-a water fountain that spilled whatever drink I wanted
-a wall made of windows facing the ocean
-an outside pool that overflowed down a cliff like a waterfall
-a craft room
-a room like the princess diaries where she has that attic thing and then the fire pole to slide down
-a room that's all a ball pit

lots more, but I won't go on :)

maddy said...

My dream home

- A huge library filled with all my favourite books and books on my favourite topics, maybe a ladder, just for fun.
- A huge purple kitchen, with an island with everything open (and a big retro pink fridge)fully equiped. Followed by my own bar
- A room dedicated to my wardrobe, lots of gold and bright colours
- Every room will be dedicated to one colour and one style theme (romantic, retro, classic etc)
- My own massive bathroom, with an unreasonbly big shower and bathtub. Next to my huge lepoard print covered bedroom with a matching unreasonbly big double double bed
- An art room, filled with every kind of art supply known to man
- A tree house
- My own vegetable garden

i could on.. haha

Rebecca said...

01. Amazing views.
02. Large bath.
03. Large dressing room.
04. Atrium with a pond containing koi.
05. Herb and vegetable garden.
06. Many bookshelves without looking cluttered.
07. Storage for everything.
08. Large pool.

I love the tree house and attic room ideas too.

vivresavie said...

Whenever I picture my dream house I always start thinking of the bathroom for some reason. It would be jade green and pearl, a freestanding bath,a chez lounge and dressing screen, two sets of patio doors to a balcony, and built in 'bath music' playlists... ah <3
- A secret passage built in the walls. Perhaps a secret room also...
- A small summerhouse built in the orchard (oh my high asperations haha)
- A tree swing.
- A roof terrace with lots of plants.
I love the tree house idea also...

Helen said...

All I ask for is a huge room dedicated to my books. And also an amazing kitchen with a big pantry for storage. And a roll top bath. That would make me one happy girl.

Christine said...

My dream home must have:

--A fenced in backyard to keep my two pure bred English bulldogs from escaping
--A big awesome tree with a tire swing
--A super comfy couch
--A shower with those shower heads placed all over the walls so you get sprayed on your whole body
--A cozy guest room/library/craft room
--It must be a cute little cottage with lots of land and a garden that I will not tend but pay a gardener to do so

♥ xtine

Generic Cialis said...

I just need a big garden, a music sound proof studio and a bedroom, no matter the size. But if I can't share it with some one I love it would be useless

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own dreams.
Mine would include
an "entertaining great room" that combines the huge professional and elegant gourmet kitchen with a big comfy den, so that guests and family could easily mingle in one big common area of the house including food and entertainment.
Many have expressed a desire for a big tub, soaking tub, clawfoot tub etc. in the master bath. I want no such thing. I don't like a bath, and I much prefer to use the space for a world class shower, frameless glass enclosure, multiple heads, a dedicated tankless water heater, bench seat, lots of shelf storage, all made with beautiful stone surfaces! You like what you like!

Levi Ervin said...

Your post inspired me to make my own list! Since I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do is daydreaming about the house where I want to live in. And here are what’s on top of my list:
-A meadow like garden
-A huge library with massive collection of books
- A kitchen with a breakfast bar, and a separate dining room
- Glass back wall (The house is located near the forest)
- French design for decorations
Levi Ervin

Nannie Toller said...

Since I was young, I already have an idea of what my dream home would be look like. I have a list that I wrote down on my grade school diary. ;)
I'd really be happy once I fulfill it! Mine has:
- A music studio
- A study room filled with books
- A giant home theater
- A fireplace
- A swimming pool
- A spacious outdoor

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