Things That Blow My Mind

  1. Deep sea fish (You glow in the dark?! You tempt other fish with bobbling nodules of your own flesh?! You don't have eyes?!!)
  2. When you shine your flashlight up into the night sky and the light disappears
  3. The fact that I'm capable of growing another person inside my own body
  4. Fax machines
  5. Most animals from Australia
  6. The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
  7. Throat singing (You're actually hiding a digerido back there somewhere, right?)
  8. The International Date line
What makes your brain go all fuzzy around the edges?

Posted by Sarah Von


Chrissy said...

1. The fact that I even exist. The fact that any of us exists!
2. Certain books and poems. How can people make words do such amazing things?
3. That people who are not around me are doing things, living lives, even though I can't see them. I have a hard time thinking outside of myself and my immediate surroundings.

Gail said...

1. How far away the stars are.

2. Popped corn - how does it come out all soft and lovely from that little kernal?!

3. The internet. Cables, info, pictures. Can't even begin to think about it or my mind will implode.

Brooke said...

1. I am 1 in over 6 billion There are so many people out there!
2. Planes and how they fly... I'll never quite understand it, so this one falls into the "magic" category.
3. People knowing more than 2 languages. Blows my mind when someone knows 7.
4. The infinity of outerspace. It doesn't end. I can't wrap my brain around that one.

Anonymous said...

1. How we all got here

2. The internet

3. That there might be other life out there

4. How far we've come in the past 100 years

Anonymous said...

1) The fact that you, as a single person, have grown and cultivated your own little universe inside yourself, not just physically, but mentally as well. This is simply just an amazing fact, until you realize that everyone else on the planet has their own complete universe inside them as well. Billions and billions of universes that you see and communicate with every single day, but can never experience directly for yourself. (Thinking about it too much makes my brain hurt)

2)The potential of every human beings as an individual. If everyone could reach their own potential how could it shape the human race?

3)Time. It's existence, it's origin, the idea of it's end, manipulating time, time travel.

4)The idea of destiny

Ms Constantine said...

Pretty much everything amazes me. I can understand technically how something works but I'll never be able to understand why. Things that baffle me most:

1. The human body

2. How telephones work

3. And the internet

4. That the majority of the world believes a magical wizard guy created them and watches over them and controls life

5. Planes

Freya said...

* String Theory
* Theoretical Physics in general
* The human body and how it works, so many complex processes go on all the time with so little side-effects
* Now that you have mentioned it, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
* The sheer size of our solar system, much less our galaxy and much much less the universe
* The immortal jellyfish they discovered
* The cruelty of mankind
* The kindness of mankind

Michelle said...

Seriously. 3 and 8 are ridiculously mind-blowing.

brodie said...

1- the end of ...benjamin button
2- bon iver in concert
3- wondering why sarah von isn't in australia hanging out with me, watching summer heights high and round the twist, listening to amazing australian music (made by my friends!) and going to visit cool australian animals at the zoo!

releasealittledemon said...

1. I agree with Brooke - the vastness of the universe. When I think about it, my brain gets all tingly like when someone scratches your back.
2. College football fanatics. For serious, who wakes up at 5:30 am to drink beer.
3. Being at a live concert (I think I'm addicted to the tingly feeling).
4. People who put literally everything about their lives on facebook.

Sarah Von said...


Word! For realz, 2011. It´s on the books. Sydney, you´ve been warned.

Amber said...

*sound, it can be so beautiful or absolutely horrible, the idea that we hear vibrations and it becomes something
*the universe is infinite, but it is expanding...Huh?
*ignorance, I just don't get stupidity and apathy
*animals, their beauty, differences...amazing
*brilliance, I am fairly bright but some people are "wow"

Maddy said...

1. Jealously, i cant understand it at all

2. Hate, why arnt we all friends? I dont understand this, it seems so simple and yet there is so much hate in the world.

3. Love and why people take it so seriously.

Basically, the things that blow my mind are mostly directly related to other people. I dont understand why people dont think like i do. Why people are pointlessly mean and rude. Why strangers dont make conversation with other strangers.

4. Myself, i still suprise myself and im the one thing that i will never, ever understand.

Anonymous said...

1. That people who lived in the past had thoughts and feelings and experiences similar to the ones I have. I tend to think of everybody from the past as being 2D people from history textbooks. When I realise they were real, normal people who led whole lives it blows my mind.

2. The perfection of nature. Everything just works. Plants, animals and the earth are made up of so many tiny, complex things that work amazingly well, it blows my mind to think that it all just came together without intelligent design (or did it?).

3. It blows my mind that everything we "feel" is actually because of physical processes in our bodies and brains. Happiness, anger, grief, love...its all to do with chemicals and signalling of neurons. How can emotions be physical?

4. When I realise how lucky I was to be born into this time and place. If I had been born before slavery was abolished, or in a time and place where women had no rights, or in a poverty stricken could have been so different for me. It blows my mind that I am so privilaged.

There are many more things which blow my mind, but I only realise them when I come into contact with them.

Godlesscupcake said...

1. The universe.
2. People who own Hummers and others cars of the like.
3. Religious people.
4. People my own age (mid twenties) and
5. Suburbanite Californians
6. The fact that I have almost died so many times and yet, somehow I'm still alive?

Rebecca said...

01. Infinity.
02. How we can know the composition of atoms.
03. How so many people can feel alone when there are 6 billion people on the planet.
04. Emotions.
05. That people can make other people.
06. That a giant ship floats, but a grain of sand sinks.

Anonymous said...

The Illuminati and how they say that Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Kayne West and others are controlling the whole world

Anonymous said...

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