You Know You're Addicted to the Internet When


There are many of these lists all over this fabulous Internet of ours, however this list contains things I've done which are sure-fire signs that I spend far too much time online. 

  1. I have an unlimited data contract on my phone and as  such, have checked my email in the middle of parties before. 
  2. If I'm asked a question I can't answer I immediately Wiki it.
  3. I bought a measuring scoop to measure ingredients in cups because although most recipes in the UK are done by weight, most recipes I use are found online and therefore invariably American.
  4. I consider taking a break from a piece of work to be opening a new browser window to do some trivial browsing for a while, without leaving my desk.
  5. When passing a Macdonalds and feeling a bit hungry, I turned to my other half and said "I can has cheezburger?" (and was then mildly embarassed!)
  6. I give my computers names.
  7. Before I spend any money on a new product, I always consult the blogosphere for reviews!
  8. I find it very hard to keep in touch with people who aren't on Facebook or don't have blogs.
  9. I'm typing this at my parents' house where I'm staying for the week, and I took a router with me so I didn't have to be without Internet on the rare occasions my Father uses his PC. 
  10. Instead of reaching into my pocket I've used an online coin-flip to make a decision. 
  11. I'm on dozens of mailing lists because of the amount of free samples I've applied for. 
  12. I identify with almost all of the items on most of the other Internet addiction lists I've seen!

What amusing, silly or downright geeky things have you done in the name of Internet addiction?


Sarah Von said...

The fact that I´m on holiday in Peru and commenting on this post!

Edith said...

No wais! There's an online coin-flip?! You've totally just changed my life. :D

Sisa n Roxy said...

1. i have an unlimited data plan and even when my phone is almost new I'm already searching fro the newest and fastest phone with full keyboard of course!.

2. I prefer IM and facebook than phone calls

3. I tr to do school work and then find myself reading blogs.

4. When I dont know something I say brb and I google it.

5. When someone has a conflict with a thing I know I search for it and show it or email it to them.

6. I take my laptop to University but I haven't conect it to the wireless network or I will not work at all.

7. In my free time i go to the freezing computer lab.

I feel weird without internet.

Anonymous said...

I verbalize acronyms such as "LOL" and "BRB" in non-electronic conversation.

I pay $10/night to get internet in my hotel on a business trip because I cannot function without it.

Ms Constantine said...

1. When someone needs to know something they come to be because I know how to use Google "really well".

2. I settle arguments about the origins of words and validity of email forwards by jumping on snopes.

3. My partner and I do animal voices when we see cats, dogs, etc because we read too much of icanhascheezburger.

4. Fail is used in place of damn, woops etc

5. If you don't know about my blog then you're probably not kept up to date on me.

6. I plug the second laptop into the TV to watch my downloaded shows so I can use my own laptop to surf the net at the same time :S

Mila said...

My laptop has a name- Tristan...but thats about it...oh, product reviews,too!

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