10 Anecdotes, Confusing Stories and Cultural Facts Related to Bananas

Pia and Julie met in a norwegian class in Paris 6 years ago. They recently started Book Travellers Inc., a book blog, which secretly intends to become the bible of people who have strange reading habits and a travel addiction (if you don't fit this description, you're pretty welcome too). They're both french, live respectively in Amherst, MA and Vancouver and write mostly in english.
My ListTen anecdotes, confusing stories and cultural facts related to bananas:
1. This morning, my housemate Brian tried to force me to have a banana with my cereal, because it was ripe and he doesn't like to see food go to waste.
2. I once tried to make banana flan. I pureed bananas, added ricotta and agar-agar. I poured the mix in heart-shaped molds and let it sit in the fridge as recommended. Once it was ready, it was something that tasted exactly like the original fruit, but with a different shape. It was weird.
3. When my sister was 4, she received a banana-shaped purse she used to collect small change. She dropped it in the street while walking with my mom, and didn't dare saying a thing. She looked at it, feeling very sad, and watched it getting smaller in a distance.
4. On Youtube, there is a video of a guy who goes shopping in a gorilla suit. He buys all the bananas from the store. I thought it was fun, then I realized it was not that great.
5. I once met a groupie who went to every rock show and brought a banana doll with her, as a tribute to the Velvet Underground. She was dumb.
6. Aged 9, I spent a week at my grandmas with my cousin. We ate a lot of food and I gained 6 pounds, in just a seven days span. We celebrated the end of the week with sauteed bananas, covered in chocolate sauce.
7. For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend (at the time) offered me a necklace he had made. It was composed of a candycane and a dried banana. He had forgotten the banana for months in his backpack, and it had turned into a little black lump.
8. I went to a street fair with my parents and my sister, it was 6 years ago. We shopped, and my dad bought a rugby shirt, and mini bananas from chile for a snack. Later, he was leading the walk, and managed to drop these items on the ground without noticing. There was this shirt, neatly spread on the sidewalk, and mini bananas all over. It was like art.
9. People slip on bananas in numerous movies, it is always so funny.
10. My Dad has a shirt with a very specific pattern: Bananas wearing sunglasses and playing the drums. This shirt is famous in his work environment. I interned in the company he works in, and people still remembered the shirt, from knowing my dad in the eighties.

What are some facts surrounding your favorite fruit?


jholm said...

I was my elementary school's representative at a children's press conference with astronaut George "Pinky" Nelson. My question was "What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you in space?" He told a story about peeling bananas halfway down, spinning them across the shuttle at each other in zero gravity, and trying to take bites off of them in midair. At age 8, that is comedy gold!

the_young_dude said...

thanks for posting my list!

Kaylee said...

Bananas are my favourite fruit. I consume one or two bananas a day, every day (unless there are none to be found in the house, but the grocery shopping has been adjusted to ensure that that rarely occurs). Whenever I buy muffins, they must be banana bread flavour.

Bananas in Pajamas was an awesome TV show.

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