My Personal Versions of Hell

  1. Sitting in coach, between an overweight, BO rocking, talkative evangelist and a crying baby. And maybe the baby is being changed. And maybe it has diarrhea.

  2. A three hour long staff meeting that does not even vaguely involve me, but requires me to nod frequently. And I´m really sleepy.

  3. Thong, support-top pantyhose, mini skirt and heels.

  4. Feeling like I need to throw up and not being able to.

  5. Trying to do my taxes
What do you imagine awaits you beyond the firey gates?


Brooke said...

1. Sitting in a gray cubicle for 9 hours a day (currently in hell...)
2. Getting injured enough to keep me from running.
3. Broken air conditioning/heater in my car.

Sisa said...

1. Having to pee in the middle of bad traffic.

2. Trying to teach someone who has no interest in the lesson.

3. Wanting to change the impossible.

4.Knowing you have 10 pounds more than you need and crave junk food.

insomniaclolita said...

Number 1 will make me the crankiest person in the whole universe.

misscindee said...

Having a terrible headache while loud heavy metal music plays repetitively.

Bridey said...

+ being forced to do the beep test (
+ listening to loud repetitive noises
+ being really hungry with no access to food
+ being cold

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

Being around idiots
Being around idiots that think they are intelligent
Being really cold
Being sick
Having a migrane

Lainey Loop said...

My person hell would be:

1.Stuck in a glass box and seeing someone else living my life.

2.Not being able to be heard no matter how loud I scream.

3.Failing my degree, whilst everyone stands around me laughing and pointing.

Anonymous said...

1. Hearing the same noise over and over again, with always the same amount of time in between.

2. Ugly (sorry to say it like this) people who stare, and keep staring

3. People who always have their mouth hanging open

4. When it's too hot and you can't sleep

5. Waiting for a very long time

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