You Gotta Have Skills

Everyone has unique skills at which they excel. They may not be anything spectacular, or even that useful, but they should be a source of pride nonetheless! My awesome skills include:
  1. Moving through crowds (I always get in trouble for leaving people behind)
  2. Snorting derisively
  3. Choosing the best apples
  4. Arranging objects (especially by colour and/or size)
  5. Russian style dancing (like this)
  6. Quoting Family Guy at appropriate moments
  7. Winning the game Spoons

What are your unique talents?

Posted by Bridey


Ms Constantine said...

Ha, I totally do your number 1 as well.

I am randomly good at
1. Finding the answers to stuff quickly on the Internet
2. Sourcing the chepest deals
3. Recycling
4. Being a geek without knowing how to program or fix a computer
5. Pissing off females in positions of power
6. Responding to emails within minutes of receiving them

Erin said...

I'm so with you on 1, 3 and 4. Especially 4, it's just so satisfying!

misscindee said...

oh my! this is the cutiest blog i have ever come across! its so clever =) i love ur #1 skill. i do that a lot at clubs when im drunk. i always just disappear. my friends are never impressed by it tho

misscindee said...

hope you dont mind if i link you =)

earlgreyrooibos said...

1. Choosing the best item on a menu at an unfamiliar restaurant.

2. Baking yeast breads, even though I fail at every other baked good out there.

Eyeliah @ said...

Song Lyric memerization skillz
Creative Breakfast making skillz
Organizing skillz
Thrift store shopping skillz

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Moving through crowds too!
2. Word games.
3. Remembering movie lines.
4. Getting my dog to do that irresistable head cocking thing.
5. Making a person feel like they have just been shot using only my facial expressions.
6. Organizing/putting things in order.

Anonymous said...

hahah I thorougly enjoyed that quiet russian dance. and I too am pretty good at arranging objects by color and moving through crowds (it helps that I'm 4'11"). this is a cute blog!

Msbrand said...

- Crowd skills (im really small)
- Baking skills, despite never following a recipe, anything i bake comes out amazing
- Organizing things (i think this is mostly a woman thing haha)
- Doing anything really, really quickly. Like with school or in a job, i'd always finish things ahead of time or first and then have nothing left to do haha.
- Bargain shopping skills
- Knowing a little bit about EVERYTHING skill

im skilled

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