Awesome Family Idiosyncracies

You know how we all grow up thinking that the things our family does are normal? Maybe they are normal. Or maybe they are AWESOME! Some weird/awesome traditions that my family has:
  1. Grasshopper pie is served for dessert on the first and last day of the school year
  2. When it's your birthday, you get to use the 'You are Special Today' plate and the gold silverware.
  3. Whoever wins the game has to put it away
  4. Who ever breaks the cookie in half gets the second choice of which half they want
  5. Pizza is always consumed with soda. Otherwise, every meal is accompanied by a glass of skim milk
  6. All between-meal snacks must be a fresh fruit or vegetable
  7. Christmas gifts are opened one by one, in order from youngest to oldest
  8. The Christmas tree is put up on the day following Thanksgiving
  9. We do not say 'fart,' we say 'poof'
  10. Squirrel tails are a totally acceptable decoration for Christmas trees (!)
What funny things are specific to your family?

Posted by Sarah Von


Erin said...

1) Whenever a guest leaves the house, we all stand at the door waving until they're out of sight. I didn't know this was weird or unusual until my best friend pointed it out.
2) On Christmas Eve, we always see a matinee (of some excellent but not necessarily Christmasey movie) then go out to dinner. When we get home, we change into new pajamas (my mom picks them and reveals them that night) and watch a Christmasy movie (also a surprise, selected by my parents). And yes, my husband has been adopted into this tradition.
3) Also for Christmas: my mom gets us each a personalized ornament every year
4) In my hubs' family, several times a year we get homemade German chocolate cake for people's birthdays. I do not object to this in the slightest.

Natalie said...

*Every single year of my life without fail we have always watched a Charlie Brown Christmas the second we could in December.

*We always put up our Christmas tree on December 1st. This is non-negotiable in our family.

*We never get off the phone with family by saying good bye. It's always "Good night". Come to think of it, I don't know why we do it... :3

*I, being the youngest person in my immediate family (A ripe 16 years old), never ever get to ride shotgun in the car.

Bridey said...

+ When we were little we were only allowed to eat two biscuits for morning/afternoon tea. I was always so shocked if someone who didn't realise the rule had three!

+ Whenever my brother and sister and I are all back home at our parents for the weekend we always watch LOTR and eat nachoes

+ The land behind our house has always been referred to as "up the back"

+ Doing the dishes has three distinct jobs (stacking, washing, drying) which may have something to do with the fact that there are three children in the family

em. said...

the whole birthday thing sounds lovely.

- sundays ere usually spent together...going to the beach or eating at home.
- when we were little my dad would always make an omelette or "chilaquiles" all sunday mornings, or sometimes I'd make pancakes.
- or my granpa would make pancakes.
- There are always snack before eating...peanuts, cheese and grapes, vegetables...
- my grandfather would always ask at the table "what did you learn today" when we were little.

I can't remember anything else:)

i love this blog:)!!

alissimo said...

no yebut (yeah buts) eg: yeah but he was really annoying me.

you can't hold the cup while drink is being pured into it, because this is clearly the most dangerous thing you can do.

my dad actually made me and my brother pretend to be seals before he would give us any sweets.

the answer to any accident was you'll live.

me and my brother always had constant arguements about who was the favoutite. (I always knew you loved him more..)

alissimo said...


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Lunchtime has to be done all together at the dining room with the TV off, the TV will not be turned on until the last finishes. In x-mas the gifts are opened in order of who bought them first. and we have to give them to the person we bought for. at new years we have to be all awake until the clock hits 12 as soon as it does we all hug and kiss my parents go to bed and my brother and i go to a friends house near by to see the fireworks and have a little drink he he.

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