Food I Refuse to Eat

I quite admire people who are happy to eat just about anything. I'm at the other end of the scale, with many different foods that I absolutely refuse to eat:
  1. Mushrooms - the taste, the texture, the smell... there is nothing good about mushrooms at all!
  2. Pine nuts - they always seem to sneak into all types of food, ruining what would otherwise be a nice meal
  3. Olives - every now and then I think that I've judged olives too harshly and decide to give them another try. Every time I regret it!
  4. Parsnips - nasty. Just nasty
  5. Celery - I especially hate eating celery by mistake when there's some hidden in a salad
  6. Shellfish - I think that any type of shell fish shouldn't really be considered a food
My list could go on, but I'll hand it over to you. What types of food never pass your lips?

Posted by Bridey


just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Mayo - the smell alone makes me sick
2. Tuna from a can - grilled is good, canned is disgusting
3. Tomatoes - ok this is a bit of a weird one: I love fresh salsa, I love tomato sauce, but I hate a big fresh, juicy, bright red tomatoe on my sandwich
4. Soggy Bread - oh this grosses me out so.

insomniaclolita said...

LOL you're funny. I'm in the other hand a huge fan of mushroom. I love it!

But I hate celery, pine nuts and olives too. Plus a few other foods that taste icky to me but liked by people.

Helen said...

I am not fussy at all with my food really! I don't eat olives really. I'll eat them on a pizza but never just alone, from the jar. I just love all food!

Rebecca said...

01. Coriander - often not listed on a menu, but I can't eat a dish that contains it.
02. Crab - never tried it, but I can't even sit near someone eating it because of the smell.

Kristine said...

I was the pickiest child in the world. I'm about 3000x better than I was, but there are still a few holdovers...

1. Green beans. I start gagging the minute I smell them.
2. Mayo. WHY?!?!
3. Lobster. I might eat it, but only once the meat is completely disconnected from its body and the body is nowhere near me.
4. Skim milk. NOPE! If I wanted milk-flavored water, I'd pour a glass of water in the dregs of my 2%!

Zmaga said...

I do the same thing with olives! And always regret it, yes.

EJ said...

Pickled beetroot... the sheer though of it makes me gag. Blergh!

Capers. So wrong.

Cauliflower... I hate it when people cook broccoli an cauliflower together. Why must they taint the broccoli so??

Lainey Loop said...

I am way too fussy to list the foods that I don't eat so I think I shall list the foods I do!!

1. Carrots, sweetcorn & Broccoli (only veg)
2. Apples, Grapes & Strawberries (only fruit)
3. Quorn (mainly the sausages, but the Southern Fried Burgers are pretty darn tasty!)
4. Veggie Gravy.
5. Galaxy Chocolate.
6. Crackerbread.
7. Hummous.
8. Cucumber.
9. Crisps (Prawn Cocktail and Quavers)
10. Mango Actimel.

My diet is very samey, but I am way too fussy to want to try anything new!!


Anonymous said...

1. mashed potatoes
2. mayo
3. tomatoes
4. onions
5. pickles
6. mustard
7. chocolate
8. beans
9. lots of other veggies
10. any melon-watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew

lots more i'm sooo picky

Anonymous said...

1. Spaghetti/Pasta/Lasagne
2. Curry (or Indian food in general)
3. Stew
4. Mashed, baked, or boiled potato (I'll only eat potato as chips or roasted).
5. Veal or Liver in any shape or form
6. Mushroom
7. All melon
8. Corned beef
9. Salmon
10. Avacado

I could go on for days... I'm super fussy!!!

Gail said...

I'll eat almost anything... apart from...

1. Chicken & red meat
2. Marzipan
3. Most nuts
4. Marmite/veggiemite (devils food)
5. Lobster

There are plenty of things that I'd would rather not eat, but the above are the ones I refuse to.

Beth said...

I'll eat anything except:

*meat (including fish)
*peanuts (not allergic, just hate them)
*sweet and sour sauce
*blue cheese

Penelope said...

1. Bananas. They taste like feet. However, if they're disguised in baking (e.g banana bread mmm) then I'll quite happily eat them!
2. Hokkien noodles
3. Cashews

Godlesscupcake said...

* Animal products of any kind: beef, poultry, fish, wild game, dairy, eggs and anything that is derived from animals through the rendering process.
* Mushrooms
* Bananas
* Cooked eggplant
* Apples (this one makes me a little sad because so many things have apple in them and I've never been able to digest them properly, mostly because of their high levels of pectin)

Eyeliah @ said...

The funniest thing about this post! I like all the things on your list of dislikes (lol), except parsnips since I've never tried.
1.Onions - create such gross breathe
2.Snails - don't even want to try
3.Water Chestnuts - although I am overcoming this one
Thats it, I really love food!

Anonymous said...

1. Anything that hasn't changed in shape (things that come out of the sea)
2. 'Wild' animals like deer, rabbit, duck, ...
3. Sprouts
4. Broccoli
5. Foi gras
6. Caviar
7. Kidneys, liver, ...

enterrement vie de célibataire Paris said...

Brussel sprouts

Anonymous said...

-Oatmeal--like above commenters with olives: I give it another chance after 5-10 years, and it's never improved.
-Anchovies--just thinking about them gives me the shivers!
-Gummy bears.

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