Best Holidays Ever

  • Month camping in France & Northern Italy: cheese, picnics, and an excessive amount of driving
  • North Island road trip in New Zealand: childhood friends, barbecues and laughter
  • Week in Paris: love, madeleines and lots of sight-seeing
  • Family holiday in Australia: theme parks, shopping and dangerous wildlife
  • Intrepid tour of Thailand: islands, street markets and adventures
What are the best holidays you've ever had?

Posted by Bridey


Michelle said...

I am crazy jealous of your month camping in France and Italy!

France was definitely my best vacation.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these holidays sounds amazing! paris is one of my fav cities & i love venice too :)

Mavis said...

a month-long holiday around Europe, and we covered Switzerland, Germany, France, Britain, Belgium, and Italy. it was all unforgettable.

Jackie said...

I haven't done too much traveling overseas, but I still have some awesome holidays inside the state.

++ Spending a week in Alicante, Spain visiting my friend who I hadn't seen in about five years.
++ Visiting my brother in North Dakota. Sounds boring, but ND was such a beautiful state!
++ Road trip with my parents from Oregon to Ohio. I don't know if it was technically a road trip since we were actually moving to Ohio. Regardless, we visited so many states on the way, and we saw so many beautiful sights! It was incredible <3

Mila said...

Going to the ice hotel in Sweden!

I was so angry at the time with my parents, I was living in Vienna, about to move to Paris for 4 months, and I just went and booked the trip!
It was insanely expensive and I told my parents only when I came back.

I ALWAYS wanted to go to an ice hotel and see the northern ROCKED!!!
Very cold though, -27C!

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