Favourite Words

Good words are worth much and cost little.
-George Herbet

Here are some of my favourites:
  1. Persnickety
  2. Shenanigans
  3. Canoodling
  4. Weasal
  5. Heebie jeebies
Which words do you like best?

Posted by Bridey


The Naked Redhead said...

I love:

Likelihood--I like the tiny "i" with all those tall l's, h's and k's

Aioli--so pretty to look at. And it just rolls off the tongue

Brogue--I love how the u and the e offsets the hardness of the g

Balls--I say this all the time as a swear word. :)

Yay for words!

Erin said...

There's something really funny about the word "sneeze" to me. I love it. I also love the word "schwa."

Sarah-Rose said...

Oo. Canoodle (and canoodling) is one of my least favourite words! I don't like the long oo followed by the soft dl. It makes me shudder internally. Persnickity though? love the fricatives.

My favourite word, above all others is "vespertine" meaning "of the evening" or dusk.

the girL said...

1. Machine (just love the way it feels to say that)
2. Shenanigans (how could you not!?)
3. Panacea (it can apply to almost anything)
4. Hullabaloo (fits with #2)
5. Most words with an sh sound

Nicola said...

Curmudgeonly is one of my favourite words - it almost mocks the person you are describing as a curmudgeon!

Anonymous said...

Shenanigans also :)

Autumn Hill said...

I love the word nincompoop because it is hard to say (or type) without giggling at least a little. Try calling someone that these days and see how they respond.

Jackie said...

Sneakers! I love the word sneakers!

medea said...


Katie said...

1. Ludicrest
2. Feasible
3. Robust
4. Spectacles
5. Testecles

Anonymous said...


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