Jobs I Would Love to Have

Lulu loves strawberries, white wine and taking photos. She is currently attempting to maintain her sanity while planning a wedding and an international move.

I am not much of a career woman. I wish I was, but at 24 I am still without a "career"...I have had lots of mini careers (including events coordinator, writer for magazine, public servant & preschool teacher among others!) that have passed the time but I am still looking for the perfect career!!!

1. Translator- Despite the fact I speak two languages (oh how I wish it was more!) my written second language is crap. If it was better I could probably actually make money off of it. I am still working towards my next level of proficiency.
2. Photographer - No explanation necessary. I mean to get paid to take photos = awesomeness!
3. Bookstore owner- I have always wanted to work in a bookstore. But to own one would be so much better! Especially one with a cute, kitsch cafe attached! Not much need for an English bookstore where I am going though and what use would a bookstore with books I couldn`t read be?
4. Writer- My dream is to be a writer. Such a shame I am too lazy to edit my work or take the time to write more often. I do love it though so I do hope that one day the talent to do it will just come by and knock me on the head one day!
5. Stay at home mum- Some people (ie. career women!) would hate this but I like the idea. To supplement the fact that I stayed home with the kids I think running an Etsy business would be fun- just need to find a creative skill I have!

What careers have you had? What career do you want?


kristine said...

My jobs:
1. Receptionist at a mall main office (WOW, there are some WEIRD people who like to complain when benches get moved from their "usual" spot)
2. Chart girl in the OB/GYN dept of a hospital (You want to promote safe sex? Make college kids FILE PICTURES OF GENITAL WARTS. Eeeeeesh.)
3. Exam queen at a university (Putting exams online and wrangling professors into submitting them on time)
4. Exam queen/stay-at-home mom (Welcome to my life: full time mom and part-time employee-from-home!)

What job do I want? I've got it!

Anonymous said...

High Fashion Photographer
Vintage clothing store owner
Vinyl record store owner
The person who puts certain music at certain parts of movies or shows

Ms Constantine said...

Jobs I've had:
Checkout chick
Customer Service & Sales Rep
Customer database manager
Web content management

Careers I want:
Professional movie/TV watcher

I'm on my way to being the first two (yay)!

Helen said...

Jobs I've had:

Paper girl
Cleaner (yuck)
Working in a cafe

Jobs I would love:

Bakery cafe owner!
Working in promotions for a publisher
Book reviewer

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

Jobs I would love:
Librarian or Bookstore Owner
Chic Cafe Owner
Boutique Owner
Classy but Laid-Back Pub Owner
Developer of Urban Cores with unlimited funds

Vixel said...

Jobs I've had:
Pharmacy assistant,
Post Office assistant,
Checkout girl at a large electronics store, General office slave.

Jobs I would love:

Lawyer (working towards this one!)
Literary agent / editor
Owner of an amazing cafe/bar with fantastic customers who I become fast friends with.
Magazine editor

Nicola said...

Script Reader/Analyst - for a while, to pay the bills.

Bookseller/bookshop owner - like you, with the café, or a rip-off of Biblomania, my favourite place in Glasgow that's a second-hand bookshop and coffee shop.

Writer - I'm working on it!

Story Advisor - Especially for Pixar, is my dream dream dream job.

Bee said...

I would LOVE to own a tearoom where I would also sell homemade cakes.... and maybe even sell vintage stuff on the side...

Jackie said...

Jobs I've had:
-Bed Cleaner at a Tanning Salon
-Factory worker for two different manufacturing companies
- Currently a bus girl at a local diner

Jobs I wish I had:
- Children's book author
- Translator (Japanese/English)
- Photographer
- Publisher
- Small book store owner with a cafe that serves sweet tea

Emsk said...

Ideal job? Artist! But do they pay us to do that?

Otherwise I'd also like to open a cafe which would double up as a small art gallery.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you :)
I really have a romantic image about the stay-at-home-mum: I'll have the most perfect garden and wear red shoes every day, yellow dresses, and bake the most delicious pies.

IndigoFay said...

I agree with the bookstore!
Have a little alternative cafe
Be an artist- painter, cartoonist, sculptor.. love!

Sisa said...


Professor- I'm gonna make it!

International party girl - I know its now a job but still it would be fun!

I agree with the bookstore and cafe thing.

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