Things That Are Sexy

One girl´s catch is another girl´s Saturday morning regret, right? So what are the things that turn your head? Here are a few of mine:

  1. Capability
  2. Second and third languages
  3. A knowledge of how to use fresh herbs in cooking
  4. Unabashed laughing
  5. Dancing ability
  6. That defined hip muscle bit
  7. Full lips
  8. Curiosity

What floats your proverbial boat?

Posted by Sarah Von


Kristine said...

Curly hair. I lose my head over a boy with curly hair every time. And a love of the open road!

Jackie said...

Ability to fix things. Like cars. Or the printed circuit board that's inside an Xbox control. Oh yum.

Anonymous said...

I love this list:
A girls smile when she's not even looking at you
Cut off band shirts
Feeding each other
Playing an instrument

Jasmine said...

butts and glasses

Nicola said...

1. Andy Samberg


Christina Hicks said...

Brown eyes.
Strong hands.
Sarcastic wit.
Being passionate about something, or at least not pessimistic about everything.

Anonymous said...

Long hair.
Tight shirts.
Assured stance.

RazorCandy said...


strong hands with long fingers.


passionate interests

black hair with blue or green eyes

scottish accents

Vixel said...

Intelligence and conversational ability, a beautiful singing voice! I *love* men who can sing!

Bee said...

irish accent
really tall guys
love for music
love for life
jokes & laughter

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