Great things about England!

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England may be a small, damp country, but right now I don't think I could live anywhere else. Here's why I love it so much!

  1. The Rain - yes, the first thing most people complain about but it has its charms! Listening to the rain drumming against the window on a warm summer night is one of my favourite ways to relax, and when we do get a hot, sunny day we appreciate it so much!
  2. The Food - Fish and chips, Cadburys chocolate, roast dinners, treacle sponge and custard, all washed down with a pint of real ale. British food may not be the healthiest, but it's so satisfying!
  3. Our History - It makes it so easy to be a tourist in one's own country! Visiting castles never gets old! (no pun intended)
  4. The size - No matter where you need to get to, it's less than a day away, and you're almost always just a few hours at the most from a beach!
  5. British Comedy - it's the best! Nothing beats Fry and Laurie, Red Dwarf (though the new episodes weren't that great), Monty Python etc.
  6. Bank Holidays - Paid days off work for no apparent reason? Yes please!

What do you enjoy most about your country? 


    Bee said...

    What I love about Holland...

    1) Flowers. At this time of year there are fields of flowers everywhere!
    2) Its flatness. Because you can see so far, but especially because it's perfect for cycling
    3) Amsterdam. And not for its obvious reasons but for the beauty of the city
    4) For its art history and museums
    5) For its (generally) tolerant, openminded and progressive people
    6) CHEESE
    7) Licourice
    8) For its size. Holland is so small and because of that you can get everywhere so soon and even better, you can be abroad within an hour!
    9) For its public transport system. I know everyone bitches about it, but being abroad makes me appreciate our transport system more.
    10)Because Dutch people can go absolutely crazy during football matches, Queens day, the Olympics. Orange everywhere!!!

    I could go on...

    I'm feeling a bit patriottic right now since I'm abroad... I miss my country!

    insomniaclolita said...

    I love good fish and chips and cadburry chocolates :)

    Mandy said...

    So, I actually live in my home country of America now, but I spent about 1.5 years in England over the past 4 years as a study/work abroad student. So here's what I love about England!

    1. Tea time (which also became hot chocolate time at my office). I like breaks in the afternoon with co-workers.
    2. Crocus, snowdrops, daffodils...all those spring flowers.
    3. Outside markets, especially Borough.
    4. Chocolate! And the cheese! And the cider!
    5. Sitting in the upstairs room of my favorite coffee shop in Bristol, watching it rain outside.
    6. Discovering lots of new places...and having the public transport links to get there!

    (Bank holidays? That drove me CRAZY about England. There are only 8, whereas I'm used to about 11 in the USA, and they're clustered in Spring and Summer, when I was there mostly for Autumn and Winter. SPREAD THEM OUT! I really needed a three day weekend, by the end of March. Heh...can you tell this is a bit of a rant for me? ;) )

    Jackie said...

    America can be pretty neat.

    ++ I love the diversity of the land. There are mountains and valleys and deserts, forests, and volcanoes and beaches and prairies. We have semi-tropical locations and tundras and something in between
    ++ It's easy to be a tourist in my own country. The different regions are seem so diverse. I'm kind of well traveled in America. I've been to nearly half of the states. But, I'd like to visit the American Southwest and Northeast soon. Oh, and the UP (Michigan's Upper Peninsula; it's kind of like a foreign country...O.o)
    ++ American BBQ is delicious. Although, it's kind of a regional thing. I like North Carolina BBQ. Yummy pulled pork sammiches! Ooooh, and corn on the cob!
    ++ Thanksgiving (turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie, Om Nom Nom!)
    ++ Buffalo/Bison!!!
    ++ Canada is a couple of hours away, and Canada is pretty neat.

    It would have been easier for me to list my favorite things about Michigan, my home state, than it is for me to list things about my country.

    Bee said...

    I was a student in Oxford for one academic year and absolutely loved:

    - Cheap beer at Student Union bar
    - Snake Bite Black
    - Flapjacks
    - Topshop
    - Tea

    anca-maria said...

    lovely!I am sure there are more things to love about England.
    I just know few things about England, because I search on the Internet to find out about it. Anyway,I've never been to your country...I'm from Romania, but I hope one day I'll have the possibility to get there :) I think that once you get there, you find it difficult to go back to your home... you fall in love with rain,!I think it's absolutely an extraordinary country.Can't wait to visit it one day!:)

    anca-maria said...

    About my country, Romania. here's what I enjoy:

    * good traditional food: sarmale, cozonac, mămăligă, drob de miel, colivă, ciorbă de cartofi, etc.
    * beautiful ancient places to visit: the Dacian Settlements, Dracula's Castle, Monasteries from Moldova, caves, Bran Castle, Peles Castle, old cities like Sighişoara, Sibiu, Timişoara, Bran, etc.
    * mountains, and here are many villages situated in the mountains and this is a great aspect because people who live in those villages they still have the oldest Romanian tradions that never changed. Moreover, people from mountains are more friendly and respectful than people who live in cities :|
    * natural landscapes are extraordinary. I can't describe it in words...every view it makes more than 1000 words :)

    sparkly stars (: said...

    things i love about scotland:
    1) all the hills, espicially the one i live near. it's beautiful in the summer, where you can just get lost in the long grass, fly a colourful kite & have a picnic.

    2) the traditional food: fish and chips with salt & sauce. irn bru. shortbread. yum yum yum. oatcakes to.

    3) as boring as i may sound. the interesting history. theres so manyt fasinating little stories behind each and every corner.

    4) the shops, topshop.

    5) the weather it's so unpredictable. which means we can wear dresses and shorts when its hot but when its cold we can wrap up in lots of lovely clothes, hats and scarfs.

    Emsk said...

    Oh, I happy enough in England as well, although I do prefer Scotland being from north of the border ;-)

    What do I like about living in the U.K.? The humour is pretty unique and I LOVE the grey weather! That's not to say I like it all the time, but I shrivel up when it's too hot.

    I like the people, of course.

    I love the history, especially that pertaining ot the Cetls.

    And being near the beach wherever you are. My favourite beach is the one I grew up near, North Berwich beach in Scotland.

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