Weird Things That I Love To Eat

fortune cookies with a side of rubber bands

Isn't it a downer when you're about to tuck into one of your favorite snacks and your flatmate walks into the kitchen and mines shock at your choice of foods? And then you develop a complex and start nibbling your favorite weirdo muchies in private? And then you're mumbling comforting nothings into your bowl about how you don't care what they think! If eating crescent roll dough is wrong you don't want to be right!

Me, too. My favorite socially unacceptable nibbles
  1. Uncooked angel hair pasta
  2. Dough/batter of all kinds
  3. Stinky tofu
  4. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches (only found weird by non-Americans)
  5. Chili for breakfast
  6. Cabbage sauted with garlic. Huge bowls of it.
And you?

Posted by Sarah Von


olla said...

Balut (an filipino delicacy which is actually a not all the way fermented duck egg)
Mayo (but in spoonfuls)
Mango peels
Salted Oranges, Pinapple and Mango
This concoction: Top Ramen noodles (no broth!), a hard boiled egg and cheddar cheese then mix it together with the spice packet contents. mmmm.

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

I don't think any of mine are weird, but I have been told they are.

Sheets of dried seaweed - the stuff that gets wrapped around japanese rolls, but all by itself
Chips on my sandwiches
Fries on my burgers

And no, peanut butter and banana sandwiches are not weird. :)

ko0ty said...

Mmm I love stinky tofu too!

Jasmine said...

bananas dipped in pizza sauce!

RazorCandy said...

* Sauerkraut out of the jar!

* Carrots dipped in baba ganouj

* Spoonfulls of peanut butter

* French toast with ketchup

* Ditto on the mango peels... soooo goood!

* Frozen Christmas cookies!

Abi said...

- Raw carrot sticks dipped in melted chocolate

- Sugar/icing sugar by the spoon!

- Scrambled egg, cheese & sweetcorn tortillas (I don't think this is weird, but other peoples' reactions tell me otherwise)

- Plain tortillas (I've always liked dry bread in general)

- Shortbread dough (because I'm crap in the kitchen & ruin it if I try to cook it)

fourteenfashionstatements said...

Kudos for being a veggie, I am "six months sober" if you will, and i do not miss meat at all.
One weird thing i like is a samwhich made of...

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Tofurky Slices
Barbeque Sauce

yummmm :)

Eyeliah @ said...

raw potato
tons of pickles on a pizza sub
cheese whiz with graham crackers
cool ranch Doritos chips with vanilla ice ceam
wendys fries with added salt dipped into a malt

I haven't had the last two in years, I sense a craving coming on...

Jackie said...

Cookies dough
Brownie batter and pancake batter
unagi/fresh water eel
black licorice
chicken noodle soup and spaghettios for breakfast
waffles covered in peanut butter instead of syrup

Jasmine said...

oh yeah and s'mores with saltines instead of graham crackers too!

Bee said...

any kind of dough or batter
raw mushrooms
peanut butter with sugar, chocolate sprinkles or cucumber
fries with cheese and loads of ketchup
cheese and jelly
i looooove tofu...

alyssa said...

peanut butter and banana sandwiches are daaaaaaaaannnkkkk

Darcie said...

now i want to sautee that entire cabbage in my fridge and eat it for breakfast.

Dorie said...

mmm pB and banana sandwiches! you're right, non americans find this bizarre! My weird munchies:

*Nutella. Only odd in that I like to eat it by the spoonful LOL
*lots of pickles...
*french fries dipped in ice cream (chocolate)
*raw bread dough (even this makes me shudder and I'm the one who likes it LOL)
*slim jims! Arghh! I said it. Now the shame is out in the open!!

indigofay said...

maggi instant noodles with cheese.. so good!
i love tomato sauce on french toast!

Anonymous said...

i got all of yall beat.. i love body powder! :-) its the most awesome thing in the world. especially the kind from dollar tree... awesome stuff.

enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

Raw plantain banana
Donut and peanuts
strawberry jam and cheese for breakfast

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