Things That Really Grind My Gears

I like to think that I'm a fairly calm and easy-going person, but there are some things that really grind my gears:
  • Shops that don't display prices (usually because they are way overpriced)
  • Inconsiderate drivers, especially if they drive too slow, tailgate, or indicate for three blocks before finally turning
  • Blunt kitchen knives
  • When people get angry with me for throwing out expired food or medicine (even if it is over 15 years old...)
  • If someone gets too much margarine and wipes the remainder back in the container even though it's covered with crumbs
What is guaranteed to turn you into a cranky pants?

Posted by Bridey


Alline de Paula said...

My number one would be traffic and the morons that call themselves drivers... really, that make me think twice, some times three times before taking my car out of the garage. Good thing I don`t own a gun.

Lana said...

The response "really?" to any given statement. When done habitually, it starts to make my head explode incrementally.

People who answer the question that they *think* I'm asking, even before I've had a chance to finish the question.

Unused blinkers when changing lanes.

Jasmine said...

For Rent signs that don't give ANY information. Usually, they just leave the rent price off, which is SO freaking lame. But sometimes they don't even specify whether it's a studio, one, or two bedroom! If I'm driving around reading a billion for rent signs and have specific needs, then do I really want to take the time to call a place that might not even work at all?? No. I don't.

And now I'm all mad.

Edith said...

I am 100% with you on the pitching expired stuff thing - drives me insane!

My biggest thing is when people who are walking in front of you, form a wall and then walk REALLY, REALLY SLOW.

Also, guys who leave the toilet seat up and people stealing the oven-rack from the kitchen so I can't make muffins.

I feel like shaking my fist at something now...

Eyeliah @ said...

oh no, um....
-cars that rev their engines while I am trying to cross the street, then they drive realy speedy to make up the 5 seconds i slowed them down.
-fruit stickers left stuck to the sink (why does my hubbydo this)
-unchanged toilet rolls while a new one has been started, and placed on the counter CHANGE IT!

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

I so needed this post after my day!!!

* People who talk about things that they know nothing about but are pretending they do
* Dirty dishes in the sink, especially when the damn dishwasher is EMPTY!
* When people don't listen to what you are say, and begin their response in their head before you even finish and then respond in a way that makes no sense what-so-ever and then get annoyed with you when you tell them that they are not following you.
* When the sponge is in the sink and stays wet so it gets stinky - please just pick it out of the sink and put it on the rest on the back of the sink so it dries out!

chooselove said...

-When anyone disorganizes my organizing. I re-organized and cleaned the whole kitchen and within a week - it was dirty and messy again. Why do i even try?! haha, though im probably a little anal, so i can forgive them.

- When i speak, you will listen and if you dont - dont expect me to speak to you or consider what you have to say to me, ever.

- Doing the dishes, cannot stand it at all

- Hanging up the washing when its windy and the clothes line keeps moving around.

- When my mum "forgets" what food shes left in the fridge/pantry and it goes rotten. Or when she buys double of everything we already have and not what we need. Seriously, make a damn list and throw out those 3 month old potatos.

- Inconsiderate people, in general. Anyone who causes (serious)injustice or "acts rebelious". Seriously, dont have to prove yourself by "breaking laws" and "acting tough". You just look like an idiot when you shoplift and smoke because everyone else does.

- Self importance. Dont stand in the damn middle of everyones path - step to the side if you feel the need to have a stupid look on your face, completely lost.

Ms Constantine said...

OMG shops that don't show prices are SO annoying. I usually just leave.

* Micro managers

* Managers that micro manage despite knowing nothing about the intricacies of your job

* People that don't link back to original photos on their blog (if I like a photo I want to know who it came from and I want to be able to Flickr fave it if it came from Flickr!)

* Blogs that don't offer full feeds (almost guaranteed that I won't continue to follow your blog).

Amelia said...

Haha, people that indicate for too long are annoying, but what I hate more is the people that decide at the last minute that they want to turn and slam on the brakes, causing all the traffic behind them to slam on the brakes.

Jackie said...

I return crumb covered butter back to the tub :O

I try not to let things bother me, but I cannot stand:

Aggressive drivers; I hate it when people speed, cut each other off, or ride on people's tales. It scares me.

When people walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. It's kind of like driving a car, god dammit.

Abigail said...

People who drive at the same speed regardless of the speed limit. On a 60 road, they do 40 and hold everyone up. You come to a town and slow down because it's a 30 limit...they keep doing 40. Grrrrrrrr!

Neat freaks who have a go at me for being messy. Do you live with me? No. So what right do you have to tell me I should tidy up? None.

People who try to convert me to their religion. My beliefs are my business and if I want to hear about theirs, I'll ask.

People who expect special treatment because they have kids. Why should they get out of working late, jump queues etc? Everyone should be treated the same, regardless of whether they have squawking proof that they can put Tab A in Slot B.

My neighbours who leave their windows open all the time. Sound carries as if they were actually IN my flat and drives me crazy. I was even woken up by their alarm clock this morning.

Kraxpelax said...

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Dorie said...

HA! The dull kitchen knives would prove especially frustrating when attempting to deal with the people annoying you LOL. i agree with the frou frou shops who refuse to display prices. Damn, am I supposed to be so rich to shop there that I can afford literally any price?? Also my pet peeve, similar to the medicine one: When my hubby gives me a hard time for actually discarding food items after the "use by" date. If I hear "That's not really the date they go bad.blah.blah.blah" one more time...I'll figure out a way to use those dull knives!

Jeanne said...

Grocery checkers who talk to each other about their personal live while they're checking my groceries really bug me. Hello - are you even paying attention to my grocery prices?

People who stop at an intersection that has a two way stop sign, not a four way stop sign and then cause a problem when they insist you go when you're at the stop sign and they aren't. Way to cause an accident there, fella!

Mean people. 'Nuff said.

Melissa said...

Hi there -- I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know I love it!! :) I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's alright.

Mavis said...

CDs which don't number the tracks on the back of the covers, making me count everytime I want to identify the song title.

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