My Studying Survival Kit!

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This weekend I had my final set of tutorials on my law course for this year, and now ahead of me is nearly four weeks of entirely undirected revision for exams. I have therefore been assembling my revision essentials, I am convinced I work better if I have all these things to hand!

  1. Coloured pens - preferably glittery gel pens, they make note-taking so much more fun, plus I find gel pens really comfy to write with and I always need to practice writing by hand ahead of any exams - I type almost everything!
  2. Coffee - Although I try not to cram late into the night like I used to, coffee helps me stay alert enough through the more boring bits!
  3. Notebooks - pretty ones, a new one for each subject. Revision is a good excuse for me to indulge my stationery obsession!
  4. Space - I spread all my books out so I can see them all at a glance, so I need lots of desk / floor / bed space when I'm working!
  5. Patience - That of other people, I get stressed and end up a completely useless person to live with! 
  6. Snack food - As well as the jar of nutella I like to keep on my desk at such times, I also need a variety of snack foods to keep me going. I try and keep them healthy and preferably low calorie, as I eat a lot when I'm studying!
  7. Mindless TV - To watch when I've finished for the evening, it helps my brain to go to sleep when my body is craving it!

If you've got exams coming up, good luck! What are your studying essentials?


Helen said...

tea! I can't study without tea. I currently have 2 tea cups on my desk - really need to tidy up. Coloured pens also help.

Zmaga said...

I labeled this post as important! So you're guessing I've got some revision to do as well :((

Jade said...

I can't study without some good tunes in the background. Preferably Ministry of Sounds Chillout classics, their upbeat but not too much and calming.

Nice list

Strapless Living said...

the mindless tv is so necessary! my roommate and i used to do this thing called "study-reward," where for every hour of concentration we'd watch a 20 minute episode of something tragically trashy. pretty sure it was the only reason i graduated.

Anonymous said...

Computer to make study guides and waste time on...
Reeses Pieces

Anonymous said...


KJTR said...

I'm just finishing my final exam session, so keep your fingers crossed Tomorrow (my last but deffinetely not least stresful extended math exam). My list is different for different types of subjects ...

For Literature, Languages, Arts etc:
1)Nice notebooks to make notes in
2) coloured pens to mark important info

For Maths:
1)Lots of the cheapest pads for the exercises
2)the book of helpful tables and formulea I am also alowed to use on my exam
3)the simplest calculator ( I use one I got from my grandad in second grade)

For All:
2)My favorite Waterman fountain pen
3)Almonds, chocolate, cookies ...
4)Some free time spend on listening to music, tetris, pacman + rewatching old Chuck episodes with my brother (and/or mom - their laughter is contagous)

pretty said...

the only thing i need to add to the original list is M&M's and green tea.

ps: ive cut down coffee and replaced it with green tea, too much coffee its not good for health =)

Sisa said...

Computer with no internet- for papers I do my research early so I can just take my computer where there is no internet and work.

Notebook- when I have my notes there or is math

A big desk- to put all my books and stuff

perfumeorpoison said...

big desk to spread my things around, highlighters, lots of papers/writing pads, coffee, snacks, tetris or a similar game when i need a break. oh yeah and chill out music (air or trentemoller) for situations when i'm not alone and/or my family is being too loud.
that all, of course, goes to waste in case i have my laptop around.. for instance now .. because i procrastinate and surf instead od studying. :/

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