Non-sexual Turn-offs

Sick People
Sick people make me so sad. This is a definite character flaw on my part. It would be great to want to be helpful to them, or empathetic or something...but sickness incapacitates me with sadness. Especially in public. I'm sorry sick people, you do not need me crying in your presence. This will not make you feel better.

Brown Houses
You know, the ones with the wide, horizontal siding. They're in suburban neighborhoods, have a split-level entry. You just KNOW they have one of those awful brass, geometric light fixtures right inside the front door. There is carpeting for every wall-to-wall scenario and it's all cheaply made. Ew.

Seriously. Gross. This makes me not want to be your friend or come to your house or ride in your car if you do it around me. It's stinks, is insanely unhealthy and costs a lot of money. I don't understand you, smokers of the world!

BBQ Sauce
What is in bbq sauce? Bad things. BBQ Sauce, you have an identity complex! Are you trying to be sweet? Salty? Smoky? Tangy? Tomato-y? Raisin-y? Molasses-y? I just think you are yucky and you ruin foods. You smell like a smoker's mouth.

Ani DiFranco
There is something about the sing-speak, poetry voice that really bugs me...and the slightly skewed, slightly too defensive political thing that just shuts me down when it comes to Ani. I'm going to take some slack for it, but intend to hold my ground. Sorry.

Polyester Clothes
They make you flammable. Is there any more to say about it?

What just turns your skin inside out?

Posted by Darcie


Sarah Von said...

Being around people eating cocktail shrimp.

Pantyhose. Both the word and the reality.

Skunky beer.

Dirty dishes, sitting in dirty dishwater.

Eyeliah SS said...

I completely agree with smoking and polyester.

lots of stairs

commericals on tv and before movies

paper towels

bars playing too loud music (unless its live)

Anonymous said...

Slow Walkers
When people talk to you while you're trying to read
When people talk on their cell phones really loudly

Lainey Loop said...

I agree with the smoking thing, I have always asked smokers if they liked their first cigarette, and the answer is always no! Why oh why would they fight past the awful taste?!

Dirty dish water, especially if I have no washing up gloves, I literally heave at the sight and smell of it!

People who can't feel giant crumbs around their mouths, it's massively gross and I don't get how you can't feel it!?

People (this is a major thing with teenagers in the UK) who walk along with the MP3 player on their phone playing, no headphones, no compassion or common courtesy, just blaring music that no one else wants to hear!

Chipped nail varnish, if it chips, get it off, there is no need to look like you either have bruised nails or can't afford nail varnish remover. Don't buy the nail varnish if you can't afford to take it off!

I should probably stop now, quite a lot of things totally turn me off!!


Bridey said...

+ Woollen clothing with zips - it just looks completely wrong to me
+ Cold weather
+ Littering

Dinnerwithfox said...

- When people share drinks, im sorry, but its disgusting and gross. Its even worse when they try and drink out of my drink, get away from me, ew.

- Juliette lewis

- Dirty dishes in dirty dish water

- Long finger nails on men, or woman (unkept, you know, dirty and uneven gross) yuck, just fricken cut the damn things

- When people have like, giant pimples on there faces and they dont squeeze them (same goes with blackheads). I mean, why?! why pretend its not there?! just SQUEEZE IT PLEASE

- The little cardbord holder things they put on coffee cups at starbucks and etc, so its not too hot to touch. I HATE touching them, gives me a weird feeling, i'd rather burn my hand

- Anything to do with bums, bottoms, arses and etc. I have like an ass phobia, i cant even listen to people talk about anal sex. Filthy, disgusting, horrible, cringe worthy.

- Unplucked or waxed eyebrows on girls. You know? when they're just starting to grow back? Please, tweeze them.

- Chickens, dead or alive.

- Indian food, the smell of curry. Nope, not cool.

Strapless Living said...

the brown houses ALWAYS have pink carpet, ALWAYS. not sure why...

i am like the queen of pet peeves but somehow am drawing a blank on this one. however, i definitely second the aforementioned: unclipped fingernails on boys (this dates back to creepy glenn in the seventh grade, long fingernails on boys=mouth breathers) and people who walk slowly (or stop in the middle of walkways, which should be treated like roads; walk on the right side and if you need to stop, pull over!)

daddylikeyblog said...

This post is amazing.

Michael said...

Smoking, definitely! I've personally never smoked a cigarette (and I'm also drug/alcohol-free, all of which are very important to me). Yuck!

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