10 Things I Learned at University (but not in the lecturre theatre)

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University is not just a place for learning facts, it definitely gives students a few lessons in life too! Here's a few things I learned outside the lecture theatre:

  1. It is possible to wake up, shower, get dressed and leave the house in the space of 20 minutes.
  2. Red wine gives me bad hangovers, vodka not so much, tequila is the devil.
  3. After the second week, 99% of students stop caring so much about their outfits and revert to jeans and hoodies.
  4. Left over pizza at noon is still breakfast if it's the first meal of the day!
  5. There are never enough 20p coins when it's time to do laundry.
  6. A diet of coffee, beans on toast, bacon sandwiches and orange juice can sustain a person for months!
  7. If I'm tired enough, I can sleep through anything, including drunk people playing tag outside my door.
  8. A 4-hour power cut is a great bonding experience for a corridor full of Internet junkies.
  9. Drunken dancing burns off a lot of calories (when I stopped dancing on nights out but continued drinking I put on far too much weight!)
  10. Taking the two or three totally mis-matched ingredients lying in the cupboard and creating a meal out of them because I can't be bothered to go to a supermarket yet is great fun!

What wonderful life lessons did you learn at uni?


Sarah Von said...

That I can be a morning person if there's no other option.

That pajama pants are completely acceptable clothing for class.

It's really, really awesome to be able to walk home from a party (I went to university in a town of 2,000)

Perkins = awesome.

Nicola said...

Even if you've resigned yourself to a tin of beans, a movie and an early night, party time can still be moments away.

You can always piece together clothes for a night-out, no matter how long it's been since you've done laundry.

Irons are completely and utterly unnecessary.

It's possible to go the full academic year without a TV license (shhh!)

Lush said...

A generous helping of cheese increases the edibility of almost anything.

Most people my age are really boring & consider getting hammered a hobby. Those of us who don't are considered weird and unwelcome.

Naturism is good for your body image & self confidence (I only started going starkers because it meant less washing)!

Train tickets are ridiculously overpriced (even with a railcard) and train companies increase their prices by about double inflation every New Year.

Hanging clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower is the closest you need to come to ironing.

NUS cards are a waste of money - everywhere accepts your matric card.

Snapfax, on the other hand, is worth its weight in gold.

In a town with multiple unis, rivalry is to be expected. It's also expected that all will set this aside to gang up on the Yahs from the posh uni (who walk around town in their PJs, Uggs and scarves).

Everyone watches Hollyoaks.

Sisa said...

Every semester you are going to say no more partying and thats when the fun really starts.

A crying girl can get almost anything she wants.

There is no need for cute tops when you have to wake up super earlie for that class you got because there was no more partying this year all you need is jeans and a tshirt or even pijama bottoms.

No matter how early you wake up you are always late!!!

jezzabellegiggles said...

its is ok to drink before and after class

mixing coke and beer isnt that bad!

you only start you assignment today if its due tomorrow...

no one ever remembers the lecturer's name

libraries are for networking, not studying!

when in doubt, act like you know everything... it drives everyone nuts.

the person who said that university is full of fun and excitement must have been failing each and every subject!

.........when your late, no one ever aks why!!!



LOL number 8 is hilarious!

Chopper said...

In Romania, you can learn these things at high school... But I liked the list very much and I also laugh very much.

Dana said...

I agree with the one about people your age being boring (in one of the other comments). I confess to considering getting hammered (occasionally, people!) a hobby, but I like to think I redeem myself by having lots of other interests, and generally not being one of those annoying party people.

Anonymous said...

I wish number 3 was true at my school!

Unfortunately I go to a liberal arts school in Seattle and so EVERYONE looks nice all the time.

If someone is wearing a t-shirt/sweats I assume they're about to work out

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