Things I Like that No One Else Seems To

The Lawrence Welk Show
Even my 62-year-old mother has little use for this show. But it's so adorably innocent and oddly entertaining! I love Welk's Midwestern accent, all those bubbles and the ridiculous costumes. I would honestly rather watch this than House or Two and a Half Men. There. I said it.

Sure, they stain your hands, make your pee pink and are often only consumed by grandmothers. But have you actually ever tried them? They're earthy and delicious and even a bit sweet. I love borscht and even put them on top of my pasta.

I loooooved Birkenstocks in high school and college, but have been repeatedly informed that Birks are "dumpifying" and make me look like a "socialist weirdo." Indeed. But they're so comfortable! And good for your arches!

A portion of the clothing manufactured for Target
I regularly visit my local Target (and by "regularly" I mean every blessed lunch break) and spy clothing in the racks that I know will be passed over by everyone not as ridiculous as me. Things like this little number or this one. Don't worry little clothing orphans! I'll give you a good home!

Stinky Tofu
When I was living in Taiwan, my vegetarianism limited me to pretty tame foods. While my friends were eating spicy sheep stomach, I was eating chives stir fried with garlic. But! Then I discovered stinky tofu! As bad as it smells, that's as good as it tastes. Not that many people can get past the smell of death to find that out.

What things do you like that no one else is into?
Posted by Sarah Von


Brittany said...

Trust me... you are definitely not the only one that loves Target clothes. The vast majority of my clothes come from there. And it is cheap so I am more likely to try different "crazy" outfits because it won't cost me alot.

The things I like that no one else seems to:

1. Cher... I love Cher but none of my friends seem to be quite as enthusiastic about listening to "If I Could Turn Back Time" for the hundredth time as me.

2. Hummus... I eat it with everything: veggies, pretzels, crackers, I even quit using mayonnaise on my sandwiches and started using hummus instead.

3. The X-files... I LOVE this show and own the seasons on DVD and both movies, but I have yet to find a single person that will watch it with me. I was forced to go see the second one of the theater by myself.

Anonymous said...

I loooove my Birks and have since highschool. They were summer camp counsellor cool.

Christina Hicks said...

Brittany, I will watch the X Files with you! I saw the second one at it's midnight showing!

1. Corduroy--I know people love corduroy, but I touch strangers who are wearing it..and yet I never wear it myself..

2. Mechanic's Jumpsuits- I've always wondered why I love mechanic's jumpsuits since most people who wear them are old/fat/ugly or all three. And then I saw the Happy Days Musical and realized it's probably because of the Fonz.

3. Barns that are falling apart- I love all barns, but those that are especially decrepit and decomposing are my favorite.

ambika said...

I gave up my Birks after owning up to 4 pair at a time during college. I just got these:
That are very similar but a little less dumpy :D

Eyeliah SS said...

My husband is all about Lawrence Welk! lol

Melissa said...


Mavis said...

i love stinky tofu! and i think bear grylls is incredibly sexy... and my friends always condemn me for thinking that. :(

Dana said...

1. Opera. I sing it, I love it, it is my life.
2. The X-Files, too.
3. Tofu. I'm not vegetarian, but I love tofu.
4. Math. It relaxes me, and I'm glad I'm not bad at it anymore like I used to be.
5. Latin and Greek. I swear to God I don't know what I will do to the next person who tries to tell me it's pointless and has no value.

Anonymous said...

Beets make you pretty! And I love them.

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