Best Songs for "Turning It Up"

Faith No More - Easy Like Sunday Morning
...this song is the hidden gem on the juke box at your favorite bar. You ask the bartender to CRANK IT so you and your BFF can do that drunky, swingy girl dance and take turns twirling to the sexy of Mike Patton.

Oasis - Wonderwall
...if I'd gone to prom, this would have been the theme and I'd get all misty at the memory of it and the awful goth dress I would have probably worn on accident. But I didn't do either of those things. And even with that gaping hole in my development, having this song makes me think I didn't miss a thing.

The Cure - Fascination Street
...if you recall, the liner notes in the cassette tape even insist that this album be cranked to the max! How dare we defy Robert Smith?

Boris - Just Abondoned My-Self
...I know this is a bit obscure, but after seeing these guys for the first time live at The Loudest Show I've Ever Seen it needs to get out there. Imagine a four foot gong, two Japanese dudes and one lady in front of a wall Orange cabs; cranking this 18 minute track is the second best thing.

The Smiths - Panic
...because we used to bring a copy of this, "Spacegrass" by Clutch and Fugazi's "Waiting Room" to our junior high dances for the DJ to play. This way 'the cool kids' could sneak a dance in between all the jump! jump!, big butt and fishin' in the dark songs.

What songs do you turn up?
Posted by Darcie


Marie said...

1. Outkast - The way you Move: I always want to dance when this song comes on.
2. Oasis - Champagne Supernova: because you already took Wonderwall
3. Carrie Underwood - Before he Cheats: This is so fun to sing along to.
4. Nell Furtado - Powerless: Love the message, love the music.

and honestly so many more.

Kristine said...

Dandy Warhols-Every Day is a Holiday


Catazon said...

Anything by The Cult.

jezzabellegiggles said...

1. Labels of love by Fergie
2. If you wanna be my lover by Spice girls
3. sounds of freedom by bob sinclair
4. anyhting by bob sinclair actually!
5. A Women's Worth by Alicia Keys
6. Hey ya by Outcast

well, if it makes me happy i trun it out lound.. and i sing to it too... it doesnt matter if im at home or the bus stop.. =)

Darcie said...

oh, yes! jezza!~ OUTKAST!!! CRANK IT.

jezzabellegiggles said...


Melissa said...

Geez, there are so many! Any disco song is great to dance to. And I love turning up Kid Rock's All Summer Long -- great summer jam.

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