Reasons It's Awesome to be Single

Let's find the silver lining shall we?

  1. You can go ahead and stop shaving your legs
  2. There is no pressure to attend all those Superbowl parties/family reunions/professional sports games you had zero interest in
  3. You don't have to pretend to like his best friend any more
  4. A bowl of popcorn, a diet coke and three cookies is, in fact, a perfectly acceptable meal
  5. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want
  6. No more guilt about spending hours reading or watching The Hills
  7. On any given day, you could meet your next lover. At the grocery store! In the park! At a bbq!
  8. Four words: The.whole.damn.bed

What do you love about being single?


Anonymous said...

- all your money is your own
- can go to bed whenever you like
- can decorate in your own style
- don't have to cook a big dinner every night
- don't have to tidy up anyone else's mess
- don't have to go anywhere you don't want to
- don't have to justify any of your purchases
- get the whole wardrobe to yourself....

I could probably subdivide and make several lists based on this theme - the positive end to an unexpected divorce!

jezzabellegiggles said...

- no more picking up his dirty socks from the lounge
- no more cooking for your self and the whole baseball team (him)
- no more watching top gear and world sports
- free to see anyone and who ever you want
- free to wear anything, where ever you want
- free of all the occasianal arguing about pointless stuff
- free to be ur self again!

seriously i think the list goes on... yea its good to have a loved one but at the same time many of ur lose the sight of who we were before we got into the relationship...

Always be true to ur self! :)

Ms Constantine said...

I'm in a long term relationship, but I totally agree with everything you've said.

Although, much of this can still be done when you're in a comfortable long term relationship. It might just take a couple of years to get to the point where you can stop shaving your legs, stop having to justify yourself, and not care what he thinks of your cookie and soda dinner.

Go you, looking on the bright side!
- No fear of what will happen if you break up with your guy (who will pay the other half of the rent etc)
- No Mother In Laws
- No one waking you up at 4am after a night of boozing with the boys
- Your room won't smell like stale beer after a night out with the boys either

Anonymous said...

- The immense relief of not having to wake up and tell someone that you love them, when you don't anymore.

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