Things that I think are completely unnecessary

Jacqueline is a teacher in Calgary, Canada. She loves snowboarding, reading and is in a chrysalis phase of her life at this point.

1. Lights that are on in a building with no people in it. - turn off the lights people, nobody NEEDS them.

2. Putting 1- 2 veggies or fruits in the little thin plastic bags. - I frequently annoy the cashier with my 3 random grapefruits not in a bag

3. Throw pillows. - I am so guilty for having them, but every night I am like "why do I have 2 pillows that all I do is chuck them on the floor daily?"

4. When my toilet paper is individually wrapped. - Not all toilet paper is like this, but the big pack that I get has all 36 rolls individually wrapped...WHY?

5. Extra buttons with my shirt when I buy it- If I lose a button there is no way I will ever find the button that came with the shirt 6 months ago.

6. A million cords that come with every electronic device you buy - I chuck all but the charger.

7. Random junk that comes with a new cell phone- a zillion books in every language, and random accessories I will probably lose and buy for $40 at the phone store next week anyways

8. Webkinz- they must be the answer to Beanie Babies, but at least Beanie Babies are cute.

9. Giving me an "eco" bag instead of a plastic bag at the store. - do the math people, if you give out more eco bags than plastic bags, you are not "saving" the environment10. Antibacterial soap- by washing your hands properly with normal soap, you are washing off bacteria.

What random stuff do you deem unnecessary?


Helen said...

excessive packaging all together! also that kind of irritating packaging that ink cartridges usually come in and are IMPOSSIBLE to get into without having a fight with it.

Rebecca said...

I second many of those, especially:

+ Eco bags that have been dyed bright green using an obviously un-environmentally friendly dye.

+ Any antibacterial products people use, they are simply selecting for bacteria resistant to the products and creating a significant problem.

I also hate:

+ Corn cobs that come with their husks taken of, the ends cut off, on a plastic tray with plastic wrap. They rot within two days in it too. What's wrong with the natural packaging they grow in!

Nicola said...

+ Receiving an order of 1 book in a box made for 5-6, with a bunch of spam brochures.

Happened to me today, not impressed!

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