Impractical Things I Want to Buy Anyway

  • Typewriter I will probably only use it once or twice but at least it will still be aesthetically appealing!
  • Cowboy Boots I like the idea of wearing cowboy boots but they will probably end up at the back of the wardrobe...
  • Polaroid Camera Even though the film is expensive, the novelty factor makes up for it.
  • Husky Although they have a reputation for being stubborn and contrary dogs I think they are a better option than a wolf, which is my first choice.
  • Vintage Suitcase It may be hard to carry and be limited in packing space, but a brightly-coloured sticker-covered vintage suitcase is much more interesting!
  • Another Journal This sounds like a reasonably useful thing to buy, except for the fact that I currently have four five half filled journals.
Do you have your heart set on spending hard earned money on something impractical and/or frivolous?

Posted by Bridey


Michelle said...

I have a small collection of vintage suitcases. That I never use. Ever. They're really pretty though!

chpest said...

@Michelle: Have you ever read White Oleander? I love what she does with her suitcases at the end of the novel.

I want an e-book reader so badly!! But the price makes the possibility of my getting one a little on the low side. :C


I think a typewriter is actually very practical if you want to do projects or scrapbooks or stuff like that :)
I'd love to have a Polaroid Camera as well -- I think the end product is awesome.

lissa said...

yes on typewriter, polaroid camera (definitely want one of these!), and ditto on the journal, I've got a couple and don't use them but they make so pretty who can resist?

and there's a long list of other things I want to get but that's way too long to mention here...

Kortnee said...

I agree with everything you've said, hah.

Rebecca said...

I always dream of a typewriter too!

+ Stationery, stationery, stationery
+ An expensive handbag

Anonymous said...

I have seen stacks of vintage luggage stacked as (impractical) storage. So beautiful. Yes on the typewriter though, a must!

Really though, I just had to say that I love the Husky point... they are more practical (and a little more boring) than the wolf that we really want. When other girls asked for ponies I secretly wanted a fox.

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