Things I Don't Like That Everyone Else Seems To

There are plenty of things that I like that nobody else is into (beets, anyone?) but the other side of this coin are all the popular things that I have absolutely no time for. Por ejemplo:

Three and a Half Men
Duckie and a Hollywood's most famous prostitute frequenter? In a sitcom? Featuring the world's worst set design and a really bad laugh track? I absolutely cannot get into this. Fired.

The Hold Steady
I'm sure that my Minnesota residency will be revoked for taking this band's name in vain, but it rather strikes me as Dad Rock. Also: talk-singing does nothing for me.

The Fashion Mullet
It wasn't cute in 1987, it's not cute now. I've seen exactly two women pull this look off, and both were so effing cute they could have convinced me that antlers were stylish.

High heels
I am fully aware that heels make a girl's legs look several miles long. And that they make you walk like Joan Holloway. But they hurt my feet! And I can't run away from killers or climb trees whilst wearing them.

What Not To Wear (American Version)
I love Trinny and Susanna's approach - all camaraderie and girlfriendly advice. Stacy and Clinton just seem snarky and bent on beating any indivivduality out of their clients. Not impressed.

What things fail to float your boat?

Posted by Sarah Von


Sal said...

I, too, LOATHE the Hold Steady and vastly prefer T&S to Stacy and Clinton.

Bitter Pineapple said...

I hate Two & a Half Men. Such an unfunny show. And just generally disgusting. With the most annoying theme ever. Haha hateration over.

Material Girl said...

SO with you on the U.S. version of WNTW. I cannot freaking stand their style, their department-store advice and, most of all, Stacey's godawful voice and insulting commentary. Uh, yeah, I guess I'm not a fan.

I am, though, kind of into the idea of antlers... ;)

Helen said...

I hate even the Trinny & Susannah version of what not to wear. I also hate Gok Wan, another English celeb-fashion-advice-giver. He over accesorises everything and makes it look overdone. Urgh he is so annoying. I also hate gladiator shoes, wet look leggings, the foo fighters, Lost, donuts and Twilight. Some people think that makes me weird...

Kortnee said...

- Flip flops.

-Reality television.



-Hip-hop/rap, whatever the hell they're calling all that crap they put on the radio these days.

Brittany said...

Kortnee do not worry you are not alone in your dislike of Oprah... I can't stand her!

I also do not like:

-Jon and Kate Plus Eight (never liked that show, even before all of the drama started)

-Any of the Real Housewives shows.

-Transformers (the movie)

releasealittledemon said...

- Twilight
- Ugg boots
- American Idol

It kind of looks like I dislike things just because other people like them... But that's definitely not the case. I want an iPhone SO BADLY it's almost ridiculous. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am glad I'm not the only high heel hater!

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only high heel hater!

Anonymous said...


-Flip flops

-Leggings and shorts


Bridey said...

+ Beer
+ High heels
+ Staying in one place
+ Sweet chilli sauce
+ Coffee

Anonymous said...

- Twilight
- leggings in neon colours (especially on fat girls)
- Two and a half men; sooo not funny!
- Top Gear. why does everybody like Top Gear? It is tedious!
- White chocolate
- Megan Fox. Team Angelina!

Dana said...

- Uggs
- Almost all TV, especially reality TV
- Leggings on anyone who isn't rail thin (nothing against the non-rail-thin there)
- Megan Fox (I'm hotter, and so are dozens of other girls I see walking down the street every single day)
- Wine (some exceptions apply)

Can't live without my high heels though, can't agree on that one.

Godlesscupcake said...

* Tv (I second Dana's notion about reality tv)
* High waisted anything
* Alcohol
* Professional sports
* Bright/neon colored clothing, especially if it's in "rave" patterns
* Leggings
* Twitter
* Uggs
* Religion
* Shopping
* Pizza
* Emo kids
I guess I've alienated myself enough for now...

That Kind of Girl said...

I dislike all of those except Hold Steady (never heard of them) and WNTW (guilty pleasure!). My "why the heck does everyone love this?!" has to be Judd Apatow movies. I've walked out of the theatre in every one except 40-Year-Old Virgin. Don't know why my friends all think it's a good idea to keep dragging me to them!

Oh, and the Pixar movie "Up." I couldn't even admit to people that I didn't like it -- I seriously got yelled at. I just thought it was smug and cloying, and nobody gets points with me for making two hours' worth of childhood obesity / ADD jokes.

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