Lessons I Never Seem to Learn

  • I don't need that much dessert
  • Dealing with things straight away is always so much better than procrastinating
  • Hitting snooze on my alarm one more time will make me late for work
  • I will never last a whole day in high heel shoes
  • Parking rules do apply to me
What lessons do you know you should have learnt by now?

Posted by Bridey


Jacqueline said...

Ah, the snooze lesson. One day, I will learn that one!

* Putting away my laundry only takes 3 minutes max and makes all the difference in my life
* cleaning up the kitchen also only takes 4 minutes and makes all the difference
* I do not need to compulsively look at my blackberry for messages
* I need to keep snacks and water in my car at all times

Andrea said...

*I should never make a priority of someone who considers me to be an option.
*I never eat just one or two cookies, always the whole box! Better to buy none!
*I need 8 minutes more than I think I need when I get up in the morning.
*Not everyone 'gets' my attempts at humor, especially not my boss.
*I don't actually need another pair of shoes.
*Many aspects of my life are beyond my control, no matter how much time, love and effort I dedicate to them.
*That pretty necklace I bought in Cambodia will continue to give me a rash every time I wear it.

jezzabellegiggles said...

* hangovers can be avoided
* ill keep falling in love until he breaks my heart AGAIN
* i need to stop studying for an exam the night before
* procastinating is bad
* mum's always right!

Anonymous said...

- putting off phone calls wont make them go away
- the shoes that hurt will always hurt
- getting something done straight away reduces the stress of worrying about doing it

Eyeliah SS said...

oh good list.
-that sugar is bad for my teeth and tummy.
-i should go to bed one hour earlier.
-browsing the internet will make me late for work.
-maybe i should plan an outfit the evening prior for once.

The Naked Redhead said...

Ha! I love "hangovers can be avoided." I know my tolerance to liquor pretty well, and yet I still let the gin and tonics get me.

Vixel said...

I think I identify with pretty much all of these, plus those in the comments! In addition:

- No, coffee is not an adequate substitute for a good night's sleep
- I don't need to carry all my make-up, a book and half the contents of my desk in my handbag when making a quick trip to the supermarket
- Yes, the notebook may be pretty but it'd be a good idea to use all the ones I already have first!

Dana said...

If I check my e-mail at bedtime, I will surf the blogosphere until at least 2 am.

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