Things That Go Together

  • Hot baths + chocolate ice cream
  • Rainy days + sleeping in
  • Outrageous goals + action
  • Summertime + picnics + cupcakes
  • Hammocks + napping
  • Roadtrips + unplanned detours + adventures
What are your favourite combinations?

Posted by Bridey


Jackie said...

- Rainy days + reading books
- hot baths + reading books
- painting toe nails + eating brownies
- summertime + BBQ
- grilled zucchini + soy sauce

Erin said...

-comfortable pillows + reading books
-hot baths + fashion magazines
-swimming + post-swim smoothies or ice cream or fro yo

Helen said...

essay writing + cakes
tea + cakes
cuddles + kisses
reading + a comfy bed

Nicola said...

Rain + big headphones + writing
Reading + plush comfy seat
Tea + toast
Walking + holding hands
Good food + good company
Good/long-lost friends + coffee shops

Awesome idea, I love these lists!

The Sequin Cat said...

shower + beer
parks + diary entries
hangover + swimming pool
long walks + iPod

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