Things That Are Annoying (Unless You're The One Doing It)


Come now, you know exactly what I'm talking about. That stuff that you see that makes you strain your eyeballs with all the rolling, but when you yourself are in the midst of it? Best. thing. ever.

Those mass bike rides
Witnessed: You're stuck in traffic as you watch a bunch of hippies glide by on their painfully hip and meticulously maintained vintage bikes. And you're stuck in traffic specifically because of them!
Experienced: You're gliding by all those suckers in cars, for once not afraid of being run over by an SUV driver who's occupied by her cell phone/Starbucks/nail polish.

Bachelorette parties
Witnessed: The screaming! The penis whistles! The huge group of drunk girls in themed outfits! It's all a bit too much.
Experienced: The screaming! The penis whistles! Being drunk with all of your girlfriends! While wearing your old prom dress! Too awesome.

Being (by far) the tallest person in the crowd
Dude, I am going to punch you in your selfish face for blocking my view of the stage.
Experienced: "Wow, I can see everything. This is awesome."

Driving around with the bass turned way up
Witnessed: Exactly what are you trying to prove by making your trunk vibrate, sir? I can't hear my tender singer-songwriters over all that thumping.
Experienced: "I love this song so hard! And the only way to truly experience it is to turn is up as loud as I can, roll my windows down and nod my head emphatically to the beat!"

Wearing a band's t-shirt to their concert, then yelling all the lyrics and jabbing your finger in the air
Are you into this band? Because I wasn't really sure. Maybe if you got a tattoo of one of their album covers you could get the point across more thoroughly.
Experienced: "I have been looking forward to this for. ever. I must communicate my love for this music in every way I know how."

What things annoy you when witnessed but float your boat when you're doing them?

Posted by Sarah Von


miss wolfe said...


Fay said...

I have nothing to contribute, because this is just the best list of anything ever.

Also, I am very guilty of the bass thing. So so guilty!

Kate @ Très Lola said...

So true... so so true... the bachelorette party point made me think of the Walkabout... us Aussies in London criticise it to the death, unless we are there (super cheap pub grub! favourite beer from home! proper football on the bigscreen! whocaresifmyfeetsticktothefloor ...and ifeveryboganisoutintheirwifebeaters - woohoo!)

amanda said...

Cracking joints is at the top of my list. You know, when people crack their knuckles or their neck? So gross and irritating to listen to, but when I do it? Not so much.

The Sequin Cat said...

You're amazing!

Dana said...

For me, clubbing. Clubbers look so ridiculous when you see them. Actually, OTHER clubbers even look ridiculous when you're clubbing. But clubbing itself is so much fun.

Lauren said...

I would definately have to say that correcting people is up there. I mean, when you do it to other people, you make them feel lame and you have an epicwin moment whilst mentally fist pumping. However, as soon as someone does it to you, your fist is so ready to pump itself into their face. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

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