Indignities I Have Subjected My Pet To

If you have a pet, there's a pretty good chance that you have occasionally engaged in behavior that would make your pet blush and yell "Mommmmmm! Godddddd!" if they were capable. A few of the things that I may, or may not, do:
  1. Call him 'Bunny' when his real name is 'Rasputin'
  2. Put him in a bee costume, including a hood with antennas
  3. Rattle the food container at him and saying "Is this what you're talking about? Is this what you want? Because I don't know" while he meows his head off
  4. Hold him like a baby, on his back
  5. Put pink Soft Paws on him.

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who's giving my pet a complex!

    Posted by Sarah Von


jess said...

Girl, you've got nothing on me, e.g.

Luckily pink is her favorite color.

Gene said...

My friend dresses his animals pretty often.

Sarah Von said...


That is too awesome! I think she's actually quite thrilled with that outfit.

nycrun said...


Helen said...

I often call my dogs embaressing names like missy nina and pip squeak and mr pepe and pepe wepe and nina weena....

Mavis said...

drew pink eyebrows for my dog with hair dye, made him wear an apron, and made him wear a scarf and beanie. hahahah.

Michelle said...

My sister and I dressed our horses up like reindeer. Complete with antlers and bows on everything. Then we dressed up like Santa. I wish I could say it was a costume class for a little kid show, but we were 17 and caroling on horseback!

Bridey said...

If I thought I could get away with it I would definitely put mini antlers on my cat...

Instead I just make up new embarrasing names for her (Meek Face, Old Mrs Chicken Feet, Graham...)

And I always make fun of her when she's angry with other cats, especailly if she has a puff tail. She doesn't really appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

When my cat was little, we used to put him in my barbie "pic nic mobile" car... And drive him around...

kimber doll said...

hehe I've put pink soft claws on my kitty and hold her like a baby all the time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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