My Dream Holidays

After being back home for a few months I already have itchy feet! To make myself feel better I've been planning some dream holidays:
  • Exploring ancient ruins in Greece, Italy, Egypt and Libya
  • Trek to Everest Base Camp
  • A three month train tour through Europe
  • Studying dolphins in Kenya
  • Island hopping in Croatia and/or Greece
  • Bicycle tour of the Netherlands
  • Or maybe just buying a round the world ticket and going everywhere I can fit in...
What are your dream holidays? And have you got any suggestions? I'm always open to adding to my list!

Posted by Bridey


jezzabellegiggles said...

ive always wanted to

- go on A trip to Venuatu.. for as long as i can
- 3 months backpacking thru INDIA.. wow!!
- south america tour.. and learn spanish
- just the two of us on an island.. the special two ♥
- cruize to the middle east
- go to a yoga retreat in thailand, india and/or indonesia
- and eat my heart out in Italy!!!


Sara said...

Egypt= where I call home!!

Anonymous said...

-Las Vegas
-Egypt (I'm afraid of the heat!)

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