The Scariest Musicians I Can Think Of

GG Allin
(aka. "Jesus Christ" Allin or Kevin) Fair warning: this guy is the most terrifying person you haven't heard of. Luckily, he died. Google at your own risk.

Charlie Manson
Noted murderer, Helter Skelter and all of that. Did you know he made (or makes) recordings in prison? It's said he believes he could be a famous musician upon his release... yikes! Also, AS IF!

Marilyn Manson
It's all for show, I'm sure, but this guy creeps me the eff out! Too much crazy makeup, probably too many crazy drugs. Just, ew.

Courtney Love
Some people believe she killed her late husband, Kurt Cobain. Now, who knows if that's true, but the speculation and all of that plastic surgery are enough to scare me off. Dear Courtney, please stop with the botox and nose jobs! Love, Darcie

Yoko Ono
Famous for marrying John Lennon. Infamous for naming Everything As Art and ruining my life's aspirations. The love and peace thing is cute, but her recordings sound not unlike kittens in a dryer. SCARY!

What musicians give you the heebie jeebies?
Posted by Darcie


Sarah Von said...

Umm, Madonna? I have this on going nightmare that I work for her and have somehow screwed up her hotel reservations and she's totally tearing me a new one.

I imagine she's not someone to be trifled with.

Eyeliah SS said...

I am scared of Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart when he was in tight or revealing clothes, Alice Cooper is a good scared. And I hate to say it, but Michael Jackson sometimes, but still love his music.

Kate @ Très Lola said...

Marilyn Manson is sex. He is so fucked up & I love it.

Magatha-May said...

I know manufactured boy bands don't seem to be scary to everyone but they scare the hell out of me. They're like mindless puppets on a mission to take over the music world.

Wilde.Dash said...

Nah, Marilyn Manson is just a performance artist. Personally, i think Kid Rock is one of the creepiest looking dudes on the planet. He might not have a terrible personality, but i'm being superficial here. I would not, i repeat: NOT want to run into the likes of him at a truck stop. Eee gads.

Also...Phil Spector?

godlesscupcake said...

None of these people actually scare me but they all are definitely disturbed and it shows in their work but that's not totally a bad thing. Gorgoroth, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, the late Michael Jackson, Devin Townsend, Lords of Acid, Slayer, The Pussycat Dolls.

Anonymous said...

not too famous but aphex twin (richard d james) is pretty damn creepy considering 99.5% of his material is instrumentals, he makes such a vast array of music from classical to drum n bass to experimental synthy wierdness and even some smooth ambient mixes, i suggest you all look up on youtube the songs rubber johnny, windowlicker, donkey rhubarb and come to daddy in that order.

Michael said...

Surely Luke Haines of Auteurs/Black Box Recorder deserves a mention. It's the combination of a slightly creepy appearance with songs like "After Murder Park" and "Light Aircraft on Fire".

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