My Favourite Card/Board Games

It's the middle of winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of my favourite ways to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon is playing cards or a board game. Here are my current favourites:
  • Spoons One of the reasons I love playing Spoons is becuase I've never lost, but the main reason is because it is awesome!
  • Cranium It's like all the best board games rolled into one.
  • 500 Even though I usually get a bit carried away with the bidding and lose terribly
  • Rummikub It's a bit quieter than most of the games I like, but is good when you're in the right mood
  • Backgammon Mostly becuase of the sound of the dice being shaken in a wooden cup. It's just not the same without it!
  • Monopoly Especially when playing with people who appreciate "creative" deals and exchanges
What are your favourite card or board games?

Posted by Bridey


Anonymous said...

-Texas Hold 'em

Abi said...

Yay, I love old fashioned games. We usually play on holiday during the summer or late at night though. My faves are:
- Backgammon
- Rummy
- Monopoly (I always win)
- Cluedo
- Yahtzee

Unlike you I can't stand the sound of dice being shaken and thrown. I have sensitive hearing and it's physically painful so I insist on everyone shaking with their hands and I put a towel or something on the table to muffle the sound of them landing. Funny how peoples' likes vary so much!

jezzabellegiggles said...

- chess
- checkers
- snake n ladders
- trouble
- uno
- chinese checkers
- Monopoly

Anonymous said...

* euchre
* rummy
* monopoly
* clue
* apples to apples
* the game of things(i think that this is a target exclusive).
* uno
* spoons

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