Products I Refuse to Live Without

Tom's of Maine Peppermint Bakingsoda Toothpaste.
I would rather not brush than use anything else. No sweeteners added, just minty freshness. mmm.

High-speed Internetz (wireless!).
Because, like, without it I would die? Am I wrong here?

Chalk it up to living in a place that is literally frozen the majority of the year, but I horde blankets. I even keep some in my car. You never know when you'll wanna snuggle.

This Here Laptop.
Dear Laptop, how did we survive so many years without surfing the net in bed together? I for one, cannot believe we didn't find each other sooner.

Mini-microwave Popcorn
Orville, great job on the tiny bags of popcorn! What I love most about them is the fact that there is almost ne'er an unpopped kernel at the bottom on that bag. The inner perfectionist is pleased.

The $2.50 Black Foam Flipflops from Wal-mart
Yes, yes. Wal-mart is bad. But honestly, I buy maybe three things a year there, two of them are the flipflops. One for the left foot one for the right. The other thing is like a pack of gum or something. These shoes are The Best. I wear them all summer. When they're new, I totally wear them to work. Because I am classy.

What products do you refuse to live without?

Posted by Darcie


Vixel said...

* Hand cream - I really can't do without this, my hands get terribly dry!
* My laptop - I hate being tied to my desk sometimes!
* Coffee and Energy Drinks - Totally addicted!
* The Internet - I get tired very easily, and a night in would be terribly dull without the Internet and its wealth of information and entertainment!

Stephanie N. said...

I'm with you on the mini-microwave popcorn. It's true, rarely a kernel left unpopped.

*Our dishwasher.
*My favorite pair of boots - on occasions when we have had to evacuate our building due to fire alarms, I loaded up the cats, my laptop, and my purse, and then put on my beloved boots even though they're not the most sensible footwear for going down seven flights of stairs.

Rebecca said...

+ iphone
+ internet
+ Extra whitening gum
+ Takeaway coffee
+ Moisturiser
+ Makeup
+ GHD hair straightener
+ Boots (flat, high, ankle etc)

Dana said...

Anything appearance-related (I know, I know):
- Makeup (lots of it)
- Hair straightener
- Bikini wax (service not product, I know)
- Cute duds

Lots of things, actually. I'm pretty high maintenance.

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