Things I Like About My Job

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We all complain about our jobs from time to time, however every job has it's up-sides. I probably whine about mine more than most, but there are certain features that I really appreciate, such as:
  1. The relaxed atmosphere, nobody breathing down my neck and relatively little work to do means I have lots of time to blog and read blogs! (I'm writing this at work)
  2. Practically un-monitored fast Internet access, we're not allowed to download anything, but playing flash games when the boss isn't looking is perfectly acceptable!
  3. The money, although not great, of course needs to be mentioned.
  4. Unlimited cups of tea! I'd prefer coffee, but the instant stuff they have here is vile, but being able to make a cup of tea whenever I want one is certainly a plus.
  5. The people - although some of them drive me utterly crazy, I've met quite a few great ones here too.
  6. Birthdays, charity events, etc. Any excuse to share large amounts of sweet, unhealthy food around the office, we'll take it!

What do you like about your job?


Anonymous said...

Things I love about my job:

1-the flexibility of my hours. I only work the days I am free to do so, and it doesn't disrupt my life.

2-the people I work with! Of course there are always a couple who aren't the greatest, but most of them are wonderful

3-the chilled attitude. Most of the time can just cruise

4 - the customers. Sometimes they're awful, but there are always some great ones who make your day =)

5- the speed - when we're busy, the shifts go so fast! It's great!

6- and of course, the money =)

Meg said...

Thanks for your comment on Pink to Green! Freedom to browse and work unsupervised are certainly wonderful attributes of your job! Although, I used to complain about my work too, now that I am looking for a job I think I'll feel so grateful to have one that I will not be able to complain!

Natalie said...

I did my own version of this post here :)
Excellent list!

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