Reasons My List Might Be Late

1) Full Time Work. I am so thankful for my full-time job in this shitty economy, even more so that it's a four day week and that my co-workers are RAD! If I'm being honest, though, squeezing 10 hour work days in, it doesn't leave a lot of time for other stuff Monday through Friday.

2) The Internets. Have you ever seen the internet before?! HOLY CRAP! THIS THING IS HUGE!! There are a bajillion photos of cats and other tiny animals created for the sole purpose of distracting me from my intentions, the list!

3) My Personal Life. Dudes, right now we have no bathroom in our house. We live in the tiniest house and are renovating the bathroom. There is no tub or shower, but luckily, there is a functional toilet in the corner of our grody basement. This means all of our showering takes place at the gym or our friend's house.

4) The Weather! Summer here is on it's last legs, we are steadily careening towards autumn. I'm not happy about it, but I am spending a lot of time outside soaking up what's left of these gorgeous, sunny days and long evenings that keep getting shorter and shorter. ((Sorry!! It's true.))

What are the things distracting you from your To Do list?


{Tara} said...

These are all perfectly legitimate reasons, LOL!!! Particularly the last days of summer one...*sigh*

Heidi Rose said...

Blogger is my biggest distraction now-adays.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ditto what you said! :)

Luinae said...

Blogging is the biggest time sucker upper EVER. That and youtube.

Amanda Nicole said...

All very valid reasons :)

Rebecca said...

This is the perfect list for me to make at the moment.

+ Weather
It is starting to warm up, so I love to daydream while looking out at the sun and contemplate being at the beach soon. And check the Bureau of Meteorology website frequently seeking days of over 25 degrees.

+ Blogs
There are only a couple I regularly read, but I check if they have been updated compulsively.

+ Nesting
I am pregnant, and keep wanting to clean out cupboards, file papers, wipe surfaces and clean windows.

Not Scarlett said...

Oh yes - the distractions - so many! I could have written your #1 myself - so very thankful for my job, but geez, 10 - 12 hour days wear me out!!

Rachel said...

reading blogs - an obsession/distraction for sure. but then i am forever inspired by the blogs that i read, and want to go out an accomplish my ideas so that i can, later, blog about it. which is difficult because i also work 10 hour days. i am learning that moderation is key ...

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