Things That Fill Me With Dread

1) Unknowingly overdrawing my bank account, or the potential of doing so. Happened once in college, and I'm still not sure how. You are reading the words of a stingy miser.

2) The thought of knowing my parents and spouse will die. Sorry. It's terrible; I hope I go first.

3) When the hot water runs out in the shower...WITH SHAMPOO IN MY HAIR! When you just know you'll have to rinse with ice cold water. No good. No good.

4) Missing the school bus. Does anyone have these dreams? I still dream about missing the school bus, at the age I am now, and then having to tell my mom I need a ride to school. Dudes , I'm almost 30.

5) Public medical emergencies that involve anyone at anytime, send me to sheer panic. The thought of someone choking on their lunch makes me never want to eat in a restaurant filled with strangers ever again. What if the clerk at the department store strokes out or has a heart attack when I'm the only one around? It's just too much!

What scares you so much?


DT said...

Thinking my parents and my love will be away from me. Thinking that I won't be accepted by my future in-laws.

Luinae said...

#2 is so MORBID!

Ms Constantine said...

We don't get many calls at home, but when the phone does ring I automatically think it's going to be bad news, it's especially bad when I answer and it's Mums partner on the phone. My mind comes to the conclusion very quickly that the only reason Mum isn't the one on the phone is because she's dead. 0_0

My biggest fear is being chased. Any hide and seek type game makes me really scared.

And the way the engine sound changes when flying makes me think the plane is going to crash.

O and driving next huge gullys freaks me out too.

I'm a scardy pants.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Number two terrifies me. Unfortunately, I think about it quite a bit.

Another thing that terrifies me - and please don't think me stupid for this - but actually finding a boy I like enough to spend the rest of my life with. It just seems so far-fetched at times, yet quite a bit frightening. Of course, this is, perhaps, a good frightening. :)

Anne (in Reno) said...

Number two scares the bejeebers out of me. I can't imagine the world without my parents and my sweetie. But given that my grandma is 102, I figure I've still got time to enjoy them all. Or at least that's what I tell myself OVER AND OVER.

Jackie said...

++ Running out of money
++ Change in my routine. Especially the huge change that occurs right before school begins and the one right after school ends.
++ Running into people I went to high school with
++ Not knowing what kind of career I will have in the future/just thinking about my future in general. Ugh.

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