Lessons I Have Learnt

I might find some lessons impossible to learn, but there are others which I have managed to come to terms with:
  • Adventures are always worth it
  • Losing my temper does not improve the situation
  • Curly hair should never be brushed
  • Who you know is usually more important than what you know
  • It's OK to change my mind
  • Sun bathing in New Zealand is a terrible idea (hole in the ozone layer = major sun burn)
What are the most important lessons you've ever learnt?

Posted by Bridey


Anonymous said...

Not to pick at things (scabs, acne..)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just better to agree to disagree. Especially if you love the other person and they love you.

DT said...

i learnt we should know to say NO at times
anger only spoils things
we should never be judgemental

Heidi Rose said...

Curls should never be brushed.

Hahaha! Excellent! Having naturally wavy hair, I learned this lesson long ago.

And, well, human relationships in life are generally just very important (to happiness too).

I have learned that Attitude holds considerably more weight on happiness than anything else.

Luinae said...

To say no when you really can't do it

Just because people label you somehting doesn't mean you have to live up to that label.

Vixel said...

* That an early night is sometimes the best idea in the world
* A woman cannot live on coffee and Haribo Starmix alone
* Tequila is EVIL!

Tash said...

Hell yeah! Curly hair should never, ever, ever be brushed. You know you've got a bad hairdresser when they start brushing your hair, or worse, suggest you straighten it.

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