Awesome Games from my Childhood

"This house is not a playground" was one of my father's favourite rules when we were growing up, and one that was frequently broken! Here are some of my favourite games we used to play as kids:
  • Running through Newspaper This deceptively simple game was a firm favourite from ages 4 through 7, and surprisingly enough involved running through a piece of newspaper which two people were holding. It was like breaking through the ribbon at the end of a race, only more fun!

  • Murder in the Dark Best with a big group of people and a very big room. I wonder if the adults were ever concerned by the blood curdling screams which ensued?

  • Water Fights Especailly if they had advance planning and involved teams, water balloons, water guns and a little bit of treachery!

  • The Chocolate Game One of the best birthday games ever, participants took turns rolling a dice. If you rolled a six you had to dress up in an assortment of clothes, then start eating a block  of chocolate using a knife and fork until the next person rolled a six. The funny clothes, the excitement, the chocolate - what more could you want?

  • Anything involving a trampoline Although the injury potential was high any games on the trampoline had an equally high fun factor!

  • Hide & Seek Usually one of the best games, apart from the time a nest of bumble bees was unintentionally involved (not recommended)
How about you, what games do you fondly remember from your childhood?

PS Next time I have friends over I'm seriously thinking about playing the Chocolate Game again...

Posted by Bridey


Sarah Von said...

Dude, I want to play the Running Through Newspaper game, like, rightnow!

Eyeliah said...

Yes, ditto on newspaper! We played a lot of Red Rover, Hide and Seek (outdoors or indoors), water fights, tabogans (spelling?) down stairs in the house, light as a eater stiff as a board (lol) and I had a trampoline too, mostly bum wars and flip wars :)

Eyeliah said...

feather* whoops!

Kortnee said...

THE LAVA GAME?! Hello!!! Me and my brother could entertain ourselves for hours trying to walk around the living room not touching the "hot lava" carpet. With such a limited supply of throw pillows, strategy was at an all time high!

Sarah-Rose said...

Uggggh. I HATED the chocolate game as a kid. I always refused to play it.

The Sequin Cat said...

I'd forgotten about the chocolate game! tee hee

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